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Frequently Asked Questions
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1. Ambulance Billing
Ambulance services within Saskatoon Health Region are provided by MD Ambulance. Please contact them directly with any billing inquiries:
2. Appointment Confirmations
Due to the vast number of appointments scheduled within a large number of program/service areas throughout the Region, scheduled appointments must be confirmed directly with the program, clinic or physician who scheduled the appointment.
3. Complaints, Concerns and Questions
Saskatoon Health Region is committed to providing you with the best possible care experience and making you an important member of your health care team. If you have any concerns or questions about you or your loved one's care experience, please contact our Client Representative Office.
4. Contacting Physicians/Clinics
Although physicians work closely with Saskatoon Health Region, they are not Health Region employees. As such, our ability to directly contact physicians (i.e. e-mail) is limited. To locate physicians or their office/clinic, we recommend consulting your local phone listings or online listings.

Please see the list of Area Clinic Directory page.
5. Contacting Employees
We do not provide employee contact information on our website but can forward e-mail if requested.
6. Donations
Cash/Financial Donations:
A list of Foundations and Care Centres that accept donations is found on our Donations page:

Blankets, clothing, etc.
Offers to donate items that cannot be wiped down/sterilized (e.g. stuffed animals, blankets, comic books) are often declined due to infection control issues. This is especially true for pediatrics and Neonatal Intensive Care Unit (NICU).

Clothing items that are accepted include: 

  • Knitted items for newborns – Accepted by the Royal University Hospital Gift Shop. Items are sold with proceeds donated to the Hospital.
  • Small knitted blankets or quilts (approximately 20 x 20 inches) – These are accepted by NICU but only made available to parents upon discharge.
  • Clothing rooms at the three Saskatoon hospitals (Royal University, Saskatoon City and St. Paul's) accept donations of clean, used clothing (I.e. sweatpants, sweatshirts, t-shirts, sweaters, coats, hoodies, new socks/new underwear, winter boots and running shoes). Contact the volunteer office at each location for drop-off information.


  • Royal University Hospital - Books can be dropped off in the RUH Foundation office at the old front entrance, or at the volunteer locker room #1843 – Volunteer office, 306-655-1900. Children's books in good shape can be donated for re-gifting in the RUH emergency room (at the above drop-off locations).
  • Saskatoon City Hospital - Books can be taken to the Volunteer Office on the main floor (ask at the information desk for directions)
  • St. Paul's Hospital - Please call 306-655-5823 for information on where to drop off
New toys can be donated to pediatrics at any time.
Alternative to donating items
An alternative to donating items directly is to sell or raffle them, then donate proceeds to the Foundation or Care Centre of your choosing (see "Cash/Financial Donations" above).
7. Health Cards - Replacement/Application
The Ministry of Health covers most services for provincial residents who have a Saskatchewan Health Services card. For questions regarding health-care coverage in Saskatchewan or to register for/replace a health card, please contact:
  • 306-787-3251 in Regina
  • toll-free 1-800-667-7551 in the rest of the province
  • or visit their web site at
8. Health Records
Information about your health records and how to request access to them is in our Privacy and Health Records page.
9. Immunization Records
For occupational, travel and purchased vaccine inquires, please contact:
International Travel Centre
108-407 Ludlow St.
Saskatoon, SK S7S 1P3
For non-travel record inquiries, please contact:
Public Health Services
NE Public Health Office
108-407 Ludlow St.
Saskatoon, SK S7S 1P3
8-4:30 M-F
To book an immunization appointment, contact your local Public Health Office.
10. Medical Equipment Rentals (crutches, wheel chairs)
We do not rent medical equipment or supplies such as wheel chairs or crutches. Please check your local listings for medical equipment rental/supply companies.
11. Out-of-Country Patients (Access to/cost of care)
Out-of-country patients are not accepted without a physician referral to a physician in Canada. The cost for treatment to out-of-country clients is not covered by our health-care system and is provided on a fee-for-service basis, which is often cost prohibitive.
12. Seniors Health
Please contact Client and Patient Access Services (CPAS) with questions regarding:
  • special care homes
  • community day programs
  • home care
  • community therapies
  • community volunteer service
306-655-4346 or

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