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System and Asset Access Information for NON SHA

The information provided and processes outlined in the table are specific only to College of Medicine (CoM)/Physician Hired NON SHA Office Assistants/Offices


Saskatchewan Health Authority (SHA) ITS Service Desk- to request assistance with an SHA computer/printer, telephone-related problems  phone 306-655-8200 or rural 1-866-431-1780. 

Private/UofS/CoM Asset issues-contact the vendor or UofS information technology for assistance. 
SHA Information Technology can only support SHA Assets. 


​What do you require?

​What documents need to be completed

​Authorization/Approval/Submission Process

​CoM/Physician Hired (non SHA) Office Assistant New User Account

​Complete and submit to Amy Ratcliffe, Practitioner Staff Affairs-Associate

SHA Practitioner Staff Affairs will submit the ELECTRONIC request on behalf of the NON SHA individual

When Account is activated PSA will forward information to the requestor.

​CoM/Physician Hired (non SHA) Office Assistant with EXISTING ACCOUNT access to SCM/SER/EMR

Complete and submit to

Amy Ratcliffe, Practitioner Staff Affairs-Associate

SHA Practitioner Staff Affairs will submit the request on behalf of the NON SHA individual

​CoM/Physician Hired (non SHA) Office Assistant requiring eHRVIewer​Online request for access: Practitioner Staff Affairs will provide online approval for the Physician's Office Assistant

Physician/Office Assistant                               Computer Asset Acquisition

​Section in progress​Section in progress

Physician/Office Assistant WITH AN SHA ASSET Telephone Requests

 Section in progress

​Section in progress
​Digisoft Transcription Software

This software is installed by the vendor of NUANCE’s Provincial Authorized Dealer / distributor for DRAGON NaturallySpeaking including MEDICAL

Process will differ depending on the computer/pc, whether it is an SHA Asset or a private purchase

The Physician's office contacts the vendor directly:                 Tel: (306) 242-9522 or mail:               

SHA Asset (SHA support/training provided)                             1. Setup a time with the vendor for the install                           2. Submit a SHA Service Request and indicate that the vendor is doing the install date/time and SHA                                       3.  Vendor will do install/SHA will provide the vendor with admin rights to add the software

 Privately Purchased/UofS Purchase                                  1.  Setup a time with the vendor for the install.                           2.  "Owner" of the asset/Uofs will need to provide admin rights to the vendor for install




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