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Cellular Model
About the Cellular Model

We are rolling out a cellular model where a human resources business partner (HRBP), quality improvement specialist and senior scheduler supports a manager directly on the unit and are part of the leadership team.

This restructuring is all part of the our efforts to provide more supports for managers, a focus for the past few years. Locating supports on site effectively wraps those services around managers and takes specialized (and therefore time-consuming) tasks off their plates and ensures the right person is doing the right job.

While supports are centered around human resources, scheduling and quality improvement right now, other supports such as safety, financial management advisor, educators, payroll, admin and other areas will be added over time. Some of these supports will be shared by several managers. Eventually, all mangers will have a local team structure of supports.   

Implementation Plan

The following shows which departments are assigned to an area and their expected implementation date:

​Wave 1
​DepartmentsDeployment Date​
​RUH Cell #1
​6200/6300/Brain HealthJanuary 25, 2016
​RUH Cell #2
​5000/5300/Operating Room Recovery/Materials Management Supply & Distribution (SPD)​January 25, 2016


​Wave 2
​DepartmentsDeployment Date​
​RUH Cell #3
​Heart Health​February 29, 2016
​RUH Cell #4
​Children's Services
February 29, 2016
RUH Cell #10​Support Services: Stores, Waste Management, Purchasing, Materials Management Supply & Distribution (SPD), Housekeeping Services, Linen Services, Plant Maintenance Administration (Facilities Services Administration), Administration & Support Services, Security, Maintenance, Groundskeeping, Clinic Engineer, Children's Hospital of Saskatchewan Operational Planning Procurement, Parkade, Materials Management Mailroom, Plant Maintenance Corp, Laundry Maintenance, Central LaundryFebruary 29, 2016
​RUH Cell #11
​Dube, Therapies, Social Work, Spiritual Care, Medical Library, Nursing Practice and Education, Acute Home CareFebruary 29, 2016


​Wave 3
​DepartmentsDeployment Date​
​SPH Cell #1
​Medicine A & B, Endoscopy, Photophoresis, Float Pool (Special Care Aides)​April 11, 2016
​SPH Cell #4
​Surgery A & B, Float Pool (Unit Clerk), Day Surgery, Operating Room, Operating Room Training, Post Anesthesia Care Unit (PACU), Urology Centre of Excellence, Ambulatory Care, Vascular Lab, Case Carts, Surgical Scheduling & Waitlist, Pre-operative
​April 11, 2016
RUH Cell #7​​Maternal/6100​April 11, 2016
RUH Cell #9​​Capital Planning & Project Management, Safety, Food & Nutrition, Kaizen Promotion Office, Practitioner Staff Affairs​April 11, 2016


​Wave 4
​DepartmentsDeployment Date​
​SCH Cell #7
Processing, Surgery 3100/3300, Day Surgery 4300, Releasing Time to Care (RTTC) 3100, Operating Room, Operating Room Training, Post Anesthesia Care Unit (PACU), Eye Center, Physiotherapy, Occupational Therapy, Social Work, Surgical Observation Unit, Multidisciplinary Clinic, Ambulatory Pre-assessment, Day Unit, Day Surgery 3600, Admin, Surgical Initiatives (Acute Alloc. Surg Pln.),  School of OrthopticMay 16, 2016

Wave 5
​Departments       Deployment Date​

​Parkridge 1

(PRC Cell 1)

Long Term Care 1 Eastridge1, Long Term Care 2 - Sourthridge1, Lont Term Care 3 Eastrighde2, Long Term Care 4 Southridge2, Long Term Care 5 Northridge1, Long Term Care 6 Northridge2, Nursing Admin; General, Health Records, Organization Dev Planning, Clinical Special

Week of Sept 26/16

​Parkridge 2

(PRC Cell 2)

​General, Housekeeping Services, Linen Services; Maintenance, Food & Nutrition, Clinical Service, Pharmacy, Physiotherapy, Occupational Therapy, Speech Language Therapy, Social Work, Therapeutic Recreation, Ambulatory Day Program, Coffee Shop, Stores, Resident Comp Program

Week of Sept 26/16

​Home Care

(IC Cell 1)

​Community Care IS, Physiotherapy, Occupational Therapy, Social Work, Administration, Home Care Home First, NE Quadrant - Nurses, NW Quadrant - Nurses, SE Quadrant - Nurses, SW Quadrant - Nurses, Scheduling, Admin Support, Home and Palliative Care, NE Quadrant, NW Quadrant - Services, SE Quadrant, SW Quadrant - Services, Quad Nurse, Evening Support, Physiotherapy, Occupation Therapy, Home Care
SPH Cell #5​Security, Clinic Engineering, Security, SPD, Housekeeping Services, Linen Services, Energy Center, Security, Maintenance, Grounds Keeper, Patient Registration, Health Records, Transcription, Waste Management, Material Management Mailroom, Visitor Information, Data Collection, Release of Information, Health Data/Information Services

Week of Sept 26/16

Wave 6
​DepartmentsDeployment Date​
​SCH Cell #3

Catering, Coffee Shop, Switchboard and Reception, Food and Nutrition, Plant Maintenance, Maintenance, Housekeeping, Cafeteria, Linen, Quality/Safety/Risk, Security, Property Management, Stores, SPD. 

Nov 29, 2016

Wave 7
​DepartmentsDeployment Date​
RUH Cell #5

Release of Information; Health Records; ACAS; Switchboard; A/C Access Services; Sunrise Clinical Manager Program; Ehealth and Health Information; RUH RN Float Pool; Telehealth; CPAS Acute Care; Resource Team; CHS Oper-Ehealth; Patient Registration; Data Collection

 Feb 2, 2017


Wave 8
​Departments       Deployment Date​

​RUH - Cell #8

Cytogenetics; Transfusion Med; Molecular Genetics, TTISS, HLA, Nuclear Medicine, PET/CT, Pharmacy, Anatomic Pathology, Metabolic Disease, Chemistry, Phlebotomy, CT scanner, Diagnostic Imaging, MRI, Transcription, Vascular, Ultrasound, Medical Imaging, Admin, Micro Bact/Serol, Micro TB, Micro Virology, Microbiology, Clinical Microbiology, DI molecular PAT, Immune Diagnostic, Hematology, Pathology, TB program, Pathology Clinic, Investigational, Education.

       March 14, 2017

​Rural Cell #1 - Humboldt

​Enviro Services; Food Service; Laundry Service; DI;STM Housekeeping; OR; ER/OPD; Cen Sterilizing; Nursing Admin; Med Unit; Plant Main/Oper; Humb Admin; Hum HC; Hum support;  Scheduling; Pharmacy; Clin Nutr; Med Records; Reception/Infor; Rural Operations Adm; Lab; STM Maint; STM laundry; STM Nursing; STM Activities; STM CCA Float Pool; Exec Office; Pastoral Care; Mat Man; F&N Clin Ser; Comm Rural Hlth; Inservice Education; Vol Ser./Spirit


​March 20, 2017

Wave 9
​Departments       Deployment Date​

​RUH - Cell #5

Emerg - RUH; Hlth Records; Data Collection; ACAS; Acute Care; sunrise Clinical;   Ehealth; Resource Team; RN Float Pool; CHR Operations; ED RN Float Pool; Pt Reg; telehealth; switchboard; RN Float pool; hlth data 

       April 26th, 2017

SPH Cell #2 - Emerg

​Emerg; F&N; Lab; Chemistry; Hematology; Test Center; Specimen Mngt; Order entry/reports; Specimen Procurement; Catering; Nutrition System; CT scanner; DI; Nuc Med; Vascular; U/S; Lithotripsy; PT; OT; SLP; Clin Service; SW; Air Ambulance; SPH RN Float Pool; SPH LPN Float Pool; Pharmacy; Anatomical Pathology; ED RN Float Pool


April 25th, 2017


Wave 10
​Departments       Deployment Date​

​Rural Cell #4 - Wadena, Watson, Wynyard

All Departments

       April 6th, 2017

Wave 11

​Departments       Deployment Date​

Rural Cell #2 - Rosthern, Cudworth, Wakaw

All Departments

       May 8th, 2017

Idylwyld Center #2

Older Adult Wellness; Hlth Promotion; Hlth Promo Rural; CPAS community, CPAS Float Pool, CPAS Comm MGR A; CPAS comm initiatives; Int'l Travl Clinic; Disease Control; Strt/sex Hlth; Program assis; immunizations, Hlthy families; safe communities; rural admin/prog man; HF0Hmblt Wad PH; Oral Hlth program; street yth stdy; PHO


May 8th, 2017

Wave 12
​Departments       Deployment Date​

​Rural Cell #3 - Strasbourg, Watrous, Nokomis, Lanigan

All Departments

      May 28th, 2017

Wave - 13
​Departments       Deployment Date​

 SPH Cell #6

Primary Health, Health Information Management; Safety; Podiatry; Lighthouse; Nursing Practice and Education; Health Facilitation; Health Bus; Pastoral Care; Rural Wellness

Aug 17th, 2017

SCH Cell #5Convalescent 6200; 6300 TCU; ​Diagnostic Imaging, Lab, Pharmacy;Geriatric Medicine; Recreation Therapy; Social Work; Occupational Therapy; Physiotherapy.


Aug 16th, 2017

​SCH Cell #1​SCH Emergency; Therapies; Ambulatory Care; Breast Health; Midlife Woman's Program; Rehab; Kinetik; Sleep Well Program; ED RN Float Pool; Spine Pathway; SAIL Resp Benefit Program​Aug 16th, 2017
​SCH Cell #6​Community Mental Health - Brief/Social Detox; Calder Center; PR Hope Youth; Psychiatry; Adult Community Heath; Outpatient Addictions; Outreach Adult; MHAS Children's Services; MHAS Youth Community; MHAS Special Youth; Rehab Services; MARS; Health McKerracher. ​Aug 22, 2017
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