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Change Leadership


Leading change involves two components: managing the process and leadership. Management is a process that makes things function – planning, budgeting, organizing, staffing, measurement and controls, use of problem-solving techniques, etc. Leadership is about vision, empowerment, motivation, and inspiration to name a few. Both management and leadership are important and one cannot function without the other. This module will explore change management and change leadership essentials to support daily improvements within a Patient First Management System.

This module builds on two of the foundational leadership modules:

  • Lead Self – The success of organizational change is contingent on the leader’s ability to lead and manage themselves through the transition. Building on the Lead Self module, participants will revisit the four capabilities and six leadership styles as they pertain to successfully leading change and achieving results.

  • Respect for People - One of the reasons that leading change is hard is because it triggers a threat response in our brain. This workshop uses the SCARF® Model, presented in the Respect for People module, to understand the neurological response to change in order to examine supportive leadership actions. 

Learning Objectives

Participants will walk away with:

  • A knowledge about the difference between managing and leading change and tools they can use to do both.
  • When and how to manage and lead change to achieve daily improvements.
  • Leadership foundations including how to lead ones self, one's team and influence the system to effect long term change.
  • Essential leadership actions to achieve results.

Delivery & Length

Part 1

  • e-Learning
  • 2 hours
    • Username: shrguest
    • Password: shrguest1

Part 2

  • In-Class workshop
  • 2 hours





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