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Daily Visual Management​


This module will cover concepts related to daily visual management. Participants will understand the purpose of DVM and its role in supporting improvement. You will discover how to create and maintain a visibility wall in their area. You will learn about DVM measures (QCDSE) – how to select, collect and analyze them. You will explore how to connect measurement results to improvement ideas.  Learners will understand how to use the DVM to engage staff ideas, energy and active participation in problem solving and continuous improvement in the workplace.  You will understand how DVM helps them to better understand the work environment around them and how visibility walls represent an essential communication tool for managing within their workplaces.  Participants will have hands-on practice in creating boards and facilitating huddle discussions, including safety huddles.

Learning Objectives

Participants will be able to describe the:

  • Purpose of daily visual management (DVM)
  • Key components of a DVM board
  • Purpose and process for DVM huddles
  • Purpose and process of leading and learning from safety huddles

Participants will be able to:

  • Demonstrate that the visibility wall and staff huddles are a regular and meaningful part of their daily management routine
  • Select appropriate measures and targets for their DVM wall
  • Facilitate data collection on the Gemba
  • Identify meaningful ways to display data
  • Analyze data and identify opportunities for improvement
  • Engage staff in wall huddles, including safety huddles, with a focus on problem solving and coaching
  • Develop and implement standard work for DVM

As a result of completing the module, participants will have:

  • A DVM board in their area.
  • Identified measures specific to their area with a process for data collection.
  • Identified measures that align with overall organizational objectives and measures
  • Standard work for:
    • Updating board
    • DVM huddles
    • Tracking and testing improvement ideas
    • Successfully implemented daily huddles and safety huddles

Delivery & Length

Part 1

Part 2

  • In-Class Workshop
  • 2.5 hours
  • Time to complete assignment 2-3 weeks 



  • Review learning material (report forms, etc.) posted on the Lean Improvement Leader Training program provincial Moodle site.
  • If area currently has a DVM board started, bring pictures of board in current state.
  • If area does not have a board, identify wall space and bring picture of proposed board location. 


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