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Patient First Management System
PFMS Introductory Module

Patient First Management System Introductory Module


Whether you're a new manager or have several years' experience, the first place to start is by completing the Introductory Module. Through this Introductory Module, we will introduce how leadership and management work in concert with quality improvement tools and standard work to support leading within the Patient First Management System. This module contains a leadership self assessment to help you understand your current state as a leader. Other tools are available to help you determine your current state, such as a 360-degree feedback assessment, or seeking peer and supervisor feedback.

This module is a pre-requisite for all Leadership and Quality Improvement Modules.

Learning Objectives

This will provide you the information needed to start to build your learning plan and begin your learning journey.

Delivery & Length

  • e-Learning - 1 hour
    • Username: shrguest
    • Password: shrguest1
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