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Patient First Management System
How to Get Started

The Patient First Management System (PFMS) highlights different elements for leaders to achieve a culture of safety, and to know and grow their people, improve their processes and understand their operations. Together, these elements help us constantly improve our care for our patients/clients/residents and to achieve operational excellence.

Leaders are offered training on both leadership elements and quality improvement tools. 

The PFMS Fact Sheet is a resource for understanding and communicating what the PFMS is to your team.

Getting Started

Step 1: Initiate PFMS

Send and email to requesting to get PFMS started.

Step 2: Director Planning Meeting

The Organizational Learning and Leadership (OLL) and Quality Improvement (QI) Consultants will support the Director determine their needs and priorities and plan how to get PFMS started. (Meeting Agenda)

Step 3: Introductory Module

Whether you're a new manager or have several years' experience, the place to start is to complete the Introductory Module.

Step 4: Using a 360 Feedback Assessment for your Personal Leadership Development & Learning Plan

Next, determine your leadership development priorities and supporting learning plan. It's good to work with your director/supervisor, your Quality Improvement specialist and your Organizational Learning and Leadership specialist to co-create your learning plan.

360 Feedback Assessment will help inform your learning and development plans and is available if you and your team choose to begin with this step. Alternatively, you may wish to use a self-assessment only at this time and discuss your learning priorities with your Director.

Step 5: Leadership and Quality Improvement Module Training

Based on your learning plan, you are now ready to schedule your priority training and development modules.

Training varies by module which includes a combination of online learning (e-Learning), pre-work (such as reading specific books or articles), in-class workshops and practicums.

  • The Leadership Modules are offered by Organizational Learning and Leadership which consists of seven modules to build leadership capacity necessary to work in the Patient First Management System. The Leadership Module Overview is a quick reference to the modules and the lay out.
  • The Quality Improvement Modules is offered by Quality Improvement which consists of 11 modules to build your skills using Lean tools. ​The Quality Improvement Overview is a quick reference to the modules and the layout. 
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