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About the Region
Hand Hygiene

Saskatoon's hand hygiene initiative is designed to inform, educate and monitor hand hygiene among staff and physicians in our facilities and long term care homes.

It’s not a campaign. It’s not a project. It’s the way of life that is and will continue to be expected of each of us in Saskatoon.

On this page:

  • Our hand hygiene compliance rates
  • How you can help
  • How are we training our staff
  • Videos
  • Share your story
  • Definitions of the words we use

Our hand hygiene compliance statistics.

We've been auditing on our units for several years. However, as Saskatoon commits to a safety culture, we have decided to put more emphasis on hand hygiene than ever before.

Typically, we observe about 8,000 opportunities for hand hygiene in our regular auditing. In 2012-2013, with our renewed emphasis on hand hygiene, we are on target to perform more than 50,000 observations.

Why? We want to ensure we protect you, our patients, clients and residents. We want to protect ourselves and our families too. Good hand hygiene will ensure we are all as safe as we can be.

The following links show how departments at each of our facilities or in long term care are performing:

These statistics don't include the scrubs done prior to surgery. Those are done 100 per cent of the time by all surgical team members!

How can you help?

When you're in one of our facilities or homes, watch us and tell us how we're doing. If you don't see us clean our hands before treating you or your loved one, ask us to clean our hands. Even if we've cleaned them, we'll do it again where you can see.

When you come into our facilities or long term care homes, clean your hands at the front door using hand gel. When you're going from one room to another or one part of a hospital or care home to another, clean your hands again. Use soap and water or hand gel.


We have produced a series of videos to help get the message across.

Germ Smart - how to wash your hands
Training Within Industry (TWI) - training refresher for staff
Hand Hygiene - Message from Dr. Susan Shaw
Hear the voice of one of our patients about hand hygiene.

Share your story with us!

We want to hear your story. Send us an email with your hand hygiene experience so we can continuously learn and improve the quality of the care we provide.

Some definitions:

What do we mean by the words we use? We want to be sure you understand us.

Compliance:  Compliance refers to the actual performing of hand hygiene when it's needed. When you see the statistics in the charts below, compliance indicates how often staff and physicians are performing hand hygiene using soap and water or hand rub whenever they're supposed to.

Audits:  Auditing happens on just about all our acute care wards in the Health Region. Staff members are trained to observe and correct hand hygiene performance and to record their observations. They're looking for their colleagues to perform hand hygiene before and after contact with the patient, resident or client and the care environment. These observations lead us to our compliance rates.

Hand hygiene:  It may seem simple, but what do we mean by the term 'hand hygiene?' We use this term to describe the cleaning of hands whether with soap and water or with alcohol-based hand rub at appropriate times such as before we interact with our patients, clients and long term care residents, and after we complete those interactions. There are other times too, such as when a care provider may come into contact with body fluids.

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