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Policies and Procedures: Nursing Manual

Saskatchewan Health Authority Policies

As Saskatchewan Health Authority policy directives continue to be developed and approved, they will be communicated to those they apply to and posted on the Authority's employee intranet.

All former regional health authority policies remain in effect until specifically replaced by the Saskatchewan Health Authority policy directives or policies. These include procedures, protocols, guidelines, work standards, standard work, medical directives, etc.

Former Saskatoon Health Region Policies

The nursing manual documents are arranged alphabetically in the following categories:

A - D
E - H
I - M
N - P
Q - T
U - Z

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collapse Category : A-D ‎(50)
Aerosolized Medication for Inhalation-Adults1023.pdf102331-Mar-14
Airway- Nasopharyngeal: Insertion Of: Maintenance, Suction, Removal1064.pdf106430-Sep-14
Airway-Oropharyngeal - Insertion  Maintenance  Suction  Removal-1159.pdf115924-Sep-14
Alteplase ( Cathflo) Instillation for Restoration of Patency in Cental Venous Access Devices1049.pdf104928-Sep-16
Anaphylaxis - Initial Management 1243.pdf124301-Sep-17
Bacillus Calmette-Guerin (BCG) Instillation - 1006.pdf100625-Jan-17
Bedside Glucose Monitoring (BGM)1150.pdf115001-Jan-13
Bladder Instillation1169.pdf116930-Sep-14
Bladder Irrigation  Intermittent1119.pdf111927-Sep-17
Bladder Irrigation- Continuous1022.pdf102228-Jun-17
Bladder Irrigation(Continuous Medicated) - Amphotericin B2422.pdf242201-Mar-12
Bladder Pressure Monitoring for Intra-abdominal Pressure  IAP - Adult1135.pdf113525-Oct-17
Blood components and Plasma Protein Products -  administration of 1141.pdf114122-Nov-17
Cardiac (ECG) Monitoring (Adults & Pediatrics)1142.pdf114223-Nov-16
Cardiac Catheterization-Care of the Client1087.pdf108701-Nov-13
Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation ( CPR) - Training standards for Basic Life Support1123.pdf112327-Sep-17
Cardioversion-Elective and Urgent1057.pdf105701-Feb-17
Catheter Traction Application to Urethral Catheters for Post TURP1017.pdf101701-Sep-12
Central Venous Catheter - Hemodialysis Catheter - NonTunnelled - Removal 1014.pdf101428-Sep-16
Central Venous Catheters Peripherally Inserted Central Catheters (PICC) - Removal1003.pdf100325-Jan-17
Central Venous Catheters-Blood Withrawal (PICC, Short term,Tunneled Implanted) 1042.pdf104225-Jan-17
Central Venous Catheters-Care of Peripherally Inserted Central Catheters (PICCS)1001.pdf100125-Jan-17
Central Venous Catheter-Short Term-Removal 1058.pdf105830-Jun-17
Central Venous Catheters-Implanted Ports (Central and  Peripheral) Accessing and Discontinuing Access 1032.pdf103201-Mar-17
Central Venous Catheters-Insertion-Assisting1073.pdf107330-Sep-11
Central Venous Catheters-Short Term Tunneled Implanted-Care of 1086.pdf108601-Jan-17
Cerebrospinal (CSF) Drainage-Ext Ventricular Drain (EVD)-Assist with Insertion Care of Assist with Removal 1107.pdf110725-Jan-17
Cerebrospinal (CSF) Drainage-External Lumbar Drain-Assising with Insertion, Care of, Assisting with Removal 1126.pdf112625-Jan-17
Cerebrospinal Fluid (CSF)Drainage LUMBAR Post Thoraco-Aortic Aneurysm 1093.pdf109301-Jan-16
Charge Nurse1060.pdf106001-May-06
Chemotherapy Bladder Instillation (Intravesical), Care of Client 1067.pdf106701-Feb-17
Chemotherapy Drugs (Oral) for Cancer and Non-cancer Treatment: Administration & Precautions1059.pdf105930-Jun-11
Chemotherapy Drugs for Cancer Treatment: Administration, Safe Handling & Disposal1065.pdf106531-Mar-14
Chemotherapy Drugs for NON-Cancer Treatment-Administration_and_Precautions1180.pdf118028-Jan-10
Chest Tubes: Irrigation and/or Administration of a Medication to The Pleural Space1016.pdf101623-Nov-16
ChestTubes: Assisting with Insertion, Care of, Assisting with Removal1113.pdf111326-Oct-16
Code Blue - Adult/Pediatric1012.pdf101230-May-13
Code Blue Cart - Content and Use1069.pdf106901-May-13
Compression Bandages- Care of 1038.pdf103825-Jan-17
Compression Bandaging - Application of1094.pdf109425-Jan-17
Conservative Sharp Wound Debridement 1004.pdf100423-Nov-16
CPAP/BiPAP - Non Invasive Ventilation (NIV) - care and monitoring of the Patient1114.pdf111427-Jan-16
Day Surgery Patients on Inpatient Nursing Unit1008.pdf100822-Nov-17
Day Surgery Unit Standards of Care 1164.pdf116422-Nov-17
Delegation of Task to Formally Educated Unregulated Care Providers1168.pdf116822-Nov-17
Doppler Assessment (ABPI-TBPI) for Compression Therapy (Intiating a Plan of Care) 1018.pdf101825-Jan-17
Drains-care of1100.pdf110025-May-16
Dress Code-Nursing Personnel1005.pdf100501-Mar-07
collapse Category : E-H ‎(23)
Emergency_Assistance - Required By Individuals After Emergency Closure2225.pdf222501-Mar-02
Endotracheal Tube-( Adult and Pediatric) - Assisting with Intubation1039.pdf103925-Oct-17
Endotracheal Tubes-(Adult and Pediatric) Extubation 1162.pdf116225-Oct-17
Endotracheal Tubes-(Adult and Pediatric) Securing-Care of1176.pdf117625-Oct-17
Entanglement, Strangulation, Entrapment, and Falls Prevention- Pediatrics 1063.pdf106328-Jun-17
Enteral Feeding Tube With a Stylet: Assisting With Insertion, Care of, Removal 1109.pdf110924-May-17
Enteral Feeding Tube: Insertion with Stylet, Care of, Removal - Adult1110.pdf111014-Apr-17
Enteral Tube Feeding -Adult 1020.pdf102001-May-16
Enteral Tube Feeding-Pediatrics1026.pdf102601-May-16
Epidural Catheter Assisting with Insertion and Care1007.pdf100701-Jan-10
Epidural Catheter Removal1080.pdf108001-Jan-10
Epidural/Intrathecal Analgesia - Care of Patients Receiving1047.pdf104701-Sep-12
Esophageal Tamponade Tube ( Minnesota Tube)Assisting with Insertion Care of Pt Assisting with Removal 1097.pdf109715-Mar-17
Fecal Management System1002.pdf100201-May-12
Gastrostomy Tube (Balloon Type) Adult and Pediatric-Replacement, Removal, Care of 1105.pdf110501-Feb-17
Halo Traction Pin Site and Vest Care1052.pdf105230-Sep-12
Hazardous Drugs Non-Chemo-Admininstration and Precautions1044.pdf104430-Nov-14
Hemodialysis Catheters - Emergent Access to Line1099.pdf109901-May-13
Hemodialysis Vascular Access2410.pdf241028-May-12
Hemodynamic Monitoring - Arterial Line- Adult1092.pdf109201-Sep-13
Hemodynamic Monitoring-CVP monitoring1101.pdf110101-Sep-13
Hemodynamic Monitoring-Setting Up Invasive Pressure Monitoring Lines-adult1033.pdf103301-Sep-13
Hypothermia (Mild) Treatment - Use of Warming System1084.pdf108401-May-11
collapse Category : I-M ‎(15)
Insulin administration subcutaneous-adult1079.pdf107901-Nov-13
Intermittent Catheterization: Male and Female1024.pdf102401-Mar-13
Intraosseous access and removal by Non-Physician Health Care Providers1185.pdf118501-Nov-12
Intraosseous Infusion-Assisting with Insertion and-Removal1186.pdf118630-Jan-11
Intravenous and/or Peripheral Saline Lock Insertion and Maitenance1118.pdf111828-Sep-13
Intravenous-Push Medication Administration1089.pdf108901-Nov-10
Isovue -  instilling for CT Peritoneography in PD patients1136.pdf113628-Jun-17
Latex Allergy1011.pdf101101-Sep-11
Licensed Practical Nurses (LPN) -Additional Competencies1071.pdf107101-Oct-16
Livebirth-Neonatal Death Guidelines For Care1025.pdf102528-Sep-16
Lumbar Puncture:  Assisting with and Patient Care - Peds & Neonatal1034.pdf103401-Mar-12
Medication Administration1170.pdf117028-Sep-16
Medication Administration Record (MAR)1091.pdf109101-Nov-11
Miscarriage Spontaneous Abortion Guidelines for Care1050.pdf105028-Sep-16
Moderate Sedation for Adults (Age 18 years and older)1132.pdf113201-Nov-08
collapse Category : N-P ‎(17)
Narcotic Control-documentation and count1127.pdf112730-Mar-14
Nasogastric Orogastric Tube Insertion Care of Removal-Adult 1040.pdf104001-Sep-17
Negative Pressure Wound Therapy 1160.pdf116001-May-16
Oxygen Administration1115.pdf111527-Mar-15
Pain Management - Pediatric Care1045.pdf104501-May-12
Parenteral Nutrition (PN) Adult Units Administration and Maitenance1078.pdf107801-Jan-15
Pericardiocentesis - assisting with pericardial drain insertion - on going care removal1083.pdf108301-Nov-13
Peripheral Nerve Block PNB-Single Dose/Continuous/Patient Controlled Analgesia, Care of, Removal1072.pdf107231-Mar-14
Peritoneal Dialysis - Adult 1112.pdf111224-May-17
Peritoneal Dialysis- Adding Medication to Dialysate 1153.pdf115324-May-17
Peritoneal Dialysis- Catheter Exit Site Care 1111.pdf111124-May-17
Pessary Ring - Care and Management of Clients With 1147.pdf114727-Sep-17
Post Anesthetic Care Unit - Discharge Criteria 1188.pdf118824-May-17
Post Anesthetic Care Unit - Standards of Care1189.pdf118924-May-17
Pre-Assessment Clinic Standards of Care 1161.pdf116122-Nov-17
Procedural Sedation-Analgesia Guidelines-Pediatric1121.pdf112101-May-09
collapse Category : Q-T ‎(17)
Referral Process for Interprofessional Services-Nursing1010.pdf101025-Mar-15
RN Specialty Practices 1104.pdf110401-Oct-15
Safe Sleeping for Infants1103.pdf110328-Jan-15
Same Day Admission Surgery Unit Standards of Care 1166.pdf116622-Nov-17
Smart Pump-Medication and Parenteral Fluid Administration 1054.pdf105401-Feb-17
Stillbirth Guidelines of Care1165.pdf116528-Sep-16
Stump Bandaging and Positioning1116.pdf111628-Jan-15
Subcutaneous Therapy-Intermittent and Continuous1074.pdf107428-Jan-15
Sucrose for Procedural Infant and Pediatric Pain Managment1102.pdf110201-Nov-12
Suctioning  Artificial Airways- Adult - Ventilated and Non-Ventilated1019.pdf101927-Sep-17
Suctioning Pediatric-Neonatal Tracheostomy Patients-Non-Ventilated1051.pdf105130-Nov-14
Suctioning-Pediatric Neonate Patients Ventilated - Conventional and High Frequency - Via Artificial Airways 1056.pdf105601-Mar-17
Suprapubic Catheter - Care of; Changing; Removal1021.pdf102130-Nov-14
Tracheostomy Care-Adult-Pediatric-Neonate1184.pdf118401-Sep-13
Tracheostomy Tubes-Changing-Pediatric1154.pdf115425-Mar-15
Tub Bathing Protocol-Water TempTub Cleaning Procedure 1163.pdf116301-Jun-17
Tuberculin Skin Testing (Mantoux)1178.pdf117830-Mar-11
collapse Category : U-Z ‎(6)
Ventilation -  Acute care of Mechanically Ventilated  patients -  Adult - 1138.pdf113828-Jun-17
Ventilation Assistance-Manual Ventilation Device1027.pdf102730-Sep-14
Ventilation-Chronic -Care of Mechanically Ventilated Adult Persons  1145.pdf114501-Aug-17
Ventricular shunt reservoirs tapping and percutaneous vpuncture peds and neonates1036.pdf103601-Mar-12
Wandering Patient1151.pdf115101-Jun-11
Wound Irrigation and Packing1030.pdf103001-Sep-13

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