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Policies and Procedures: Nursing Manual

The nursing manual documents are arranged alphabetically in the following categories:

A - D
E - H
I - M
N - P
Q - T
U - Z

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collapse Category : A-D ‎(47)
Aerosolized Medication for Inhalation-Adults1023.pdf102331-Mar-14
Airway- Nasopharyngeal: Insertion Of: Maintenance, Suction, Removal1064.pdf106430-Sep-14
Airway-Oropharyngeal - Insertion  Maintenance  Suction  Removal-1159.pdf115924-Sep-14
Alteplase ( Cathflo) Instillation for Restoration of Patency in Cental Venous Access Devices1049.pdf104928-Sep-16
Anaphylaxis - Initial Management 1243.pdf124301-Sep-17
Bacillus Calmette-Guerin (BCG) Instillation - 1006.pdf100625-Jan-17
Bedside Glucose Monitoring (BGM)1150.pdf115001-Jan-13
Bladder Instillation1169.pdf116930-Sep-14
Bladder Irrigation  Intermittent1119.pdf111927-Sep-17
Bladder Irrigation- Continuous1022.pdf102228-Jun-17
Bladder Irrigation(Continuous Medicated) - Amphotericin B2422.pdf242201-Mar-12
Bladder Pressure Monitoring for Intra-Abdominal Pressure (IAP) 1135.pdf113528-Jun-17
Blood Blood Components and Plasma Protein Products-Administration of1141.pdf
Checked Out To: Wiebe, Sheri  SktnHR1141.pdf
Checked Out To: Wiebe, Sheri  SktnHR114131-Jan-15
Cardiac (ECG) Monitoring (Adults & Pediatrics)1142.pdf114223-Nov-16
Cardiac Catheterization-Care of the Client1087.pdf108701-Nov-13
Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation ( CPR) - Training standards for Basic Life Support1123.pdf112327-Sep-17
Cardioversion-Elective and Urgent1057.pdf105701-Feb-17
Catheter Traction Application to Urethral Catheters for Post TURP1017.pdf101701-Sep-12
Central Venous Catheter - Hemodialysis Catheter - NonTunnelled - Removal 1014.pdf101428-Sep-16
Central Venous Catheters Peripherally Inserted Central Catheters (PICC) - Removal1003.pdf100325-Jan-17
Central Venous Catheters-Blood Withrawal (PICC, Short term,Tunneled Implanted) 1042.pdf104225-Jan-17
Central Venous Catheters-Care of Peripherally Inserted Central Catheters (PICCS)1001.pdf100125-Jan-17
Central Venous Catheter-Short Term-Removal 1058.pdf105830-Jun-17
Central Venous Catheters-Implanted Ports (Central and  Peripheral) Accessing and Discontinuing Access 1032.pdf103222-Mar-17
Central Venous Catheters-Insertion-Assisting1073.pdf107330-Sep-11
Central Venous Catheters-Short Term Tunneled Implanted-Care of 1086.pdf108625-Jan-17
Cerebrospinal (CSF) Drainage-Ext Ventricular Drain (EVD)-Assist with Insertion Care of Assist with Removal 1107.pdf110725-Jan-17
Cerebrospinal (CSF) Drainage-External Lumbar Drain-Assising with Insertion, Care of, Assisting with Removal 1126.pdf112625-Jan-17
Charge Nurse1060.pdf106001-May-06
Chemotherapy Bladder Instillation (Intravesical), Care of Client 1067.pdf106701-Feb-17
Chemotherapy Drugs (Oral) for Cancer and Non-cancer Treatment: Administration & Precautions1059.pdf105930-Jun-11
Chemotherapy Drugs for Cancer Treatment: Administration, Safe Handling & Disposal1065.pdf106531-Mar-14
Chemotherapy Drugs for NON-Cancer Treatment-Administration_and_Precautions1180.pdf118028-Jan-10
Chest Tubes: Irrigation and/or Administration of a Medication to The Pleural Space1016.pdf101623-Nov-16
ChestTubes: Assisting with Insertion, Care of, Assisting with Removal1113.pdf111326-Oct-16
Code Blue - Adult/Pediatric1012.pdf101230-May-13
Code Blue Cart - Content and Use1069.pdf106901-May-13
Compression Bandages - Care of1038.pdf103825-Jan-17
Compression Bandaging - Application of1094.pdf109425-Jan-17
Conservative Sharp Wound Debridement 1004.pdf100423-Nov-16
CPAP/BiPAP - Non Invasive Ventilation (NIV) - care and monitoring of the Patient1114.pdf111427-Jan-16
Day Surgery Patients on Inpatient Nursing Units1008.pdf100801-Mar-07
Doppler Assement (ABPI-TBPI) for Compression Therapy (Intiating a Plan of Care) 1018.pdf101825-Jan-17
Drains-care of1100.pdf110025-May-16
Dress Code-Nursing Personnel1005.pdf100501-Mar-07
collapse Category : E-H ‎(24)
Emergency_Assistance - Required By Individuals After Emergency Closure2225.pdf222501-Mar-02
Endotracheal Tubes-( Adult and Pediatric) Assisting with Intubation1039.pdf1039New01-Oct-17
Endotracheal Tubes-(Adult and Pediatric) Extubation 1162.pdf116225-Oct-17
Endotracheal Tubes-(Adult and Pediatric) Securing-Care of1176.pdf117625-Oct-17
Entanglement, Strangulation, Entrapment, and Falls Prevention- Pediatrics 1063.pdf106328-Jun-17
Enteral Feeding Tube With a Stylet: Assisting With Insertion, Care of, Removal 1109.pdf110924-May-17
Enteral Feeding Tube: Insertion with Stylet, Care of, Removal - Adult1110.pdf111014-Apr-17
Enteral Tube Feeding -Adult 1020.pdf102001-May-16
Enteral Tube Feeding-Pediatrics1026.pdf102601-May-16
Epidural Catheter Assisting with Insertion and Care1007.pdf100701-Jan-10
Epidural Catheter Removal1080.pdf108001-Jan-10
Epidural/Intrathecal Analgesia - Care of Patients Receiving1047.pdf104701-Sep-12
Esophageal Tamponade Tube ( Minnesota Tube)Assisting with Insertion Care of Pt Assisting with Removal 1097.pdf109715-Mar-17
External CSF Lumbar drain post thoraco-abdominal aneurysm repair1093.pdf109327-Jan-16
Fecal Management System1002.pdf100201-May-12
Gastrostomy Tube (Balloon Type) Adult and Pediatric-Replacement, Removal, Care of 1105.pdf110501-Feb-17
Halo Traction Pin Site and Vest Care1052.pdf105230-Sep-12
Hazardous Drugs Non-Chemo-Admininstration and Precautions1044.pdf104430-Nov-14
Hemodialysis - vascular access2410.pdf241028-May-12
Hemodialysis Catheters - Emergent Access to Line1099.pdf109901-May-13
Hemodynamic Monitoring - Arterial Line- Adult1092.pdf109201-Sep-13
Hemodynamic Monitoring-CVP monitoring1101.pdf110101-Sep-13
Hemodynamic Monitoring-Setting Up Invasive Pressure Monitoring Lines-adult1033.pdf103301-Sep-13
Hypothermia (Mild) Treatment - Use of Warming System1084.pdf108401-May-11
collapse Category : I-M ‎(15)
Insulin administration subcutaneous-adult1079.pdf107901-Nov-13
Intermittent Catheterization: Male and Female1024.pdf102401-Mar-13
Intraosseous access and removal by Non-Physician Health Care Providers1185.pdf118501-Nov-12
Intraosseous Infusion-Assisting with Insertion and-Removal1186.pdf118630-Jan-11
Intravenous and/or Peripheral Saline Lock Insertion and Maitenance1118.pdf111828-Sep-13
Intravenous-Push Medication Administration1089.pdf108901-Nov-10
Isovue -  instilling for CT Peritoneography in PD patients1136.pdf113628-Jun-17
Latex Allergy1011.pdf101101-Sep-11
Licensed Practical Nurses (LPN) -Additional Competencies1071.pdf107101-Oct-16
Livebirth-Neonatal Death Guidelines For Care1025.pdf102528-Sep-16
Lumbar Puncture:  Assisting with and Patient Care - Peds & Neonatal1034.pdf103401-Mar-12
Medication Administration Record (MAR)1091.pdf109101-Nov-11
Miscarriage Spontaneous Abortion Guidelines for Care1050.pdf105028-Sep-16
Moderate Sedation for Adults (Age 18 years and older)1132.pdf113201-Nov-08
collapse Category : N-P ‎(16)
Narcotic Control-documentation and count1127.pdf112730-Mar-14
Nasogastric Orogastric Tube Insertion Care of Removal-Adult 1040.pdf104001-Sep-17
Negative Pressure Wound Therapy 1160.pdf116001-May-16
Oxygen Administration1115.pdf111527-Mar-15
Pain Management - Pediatric Care1045.pdf104501-May-12
Parenteral Nutrition (PN) Adult Units Administration and Maitenance1078.pdf107801-Jan-15
Pericardiocentesis - assisting with pericardial drain insertion - on going care removal1083.pdf108301-Nov-13
Peripheral Nerve Block PNB-Single Dose/Continuous/Patient Controlled Analgesia, Care of, Removal1072.pdf107231-Mar-14
Peritoneal Dialysis - Adult 1112.pdf111224-May-17
Peritoneal Dialysis- Adding Medication to Dialysate 1153.pdf115324-May-17
Peritoneal Dialysis- Catheter Exit Site Care 1111.pdf111124-May-17
Pessary Ring - Care and Management of Clients With 1147.pdf114727-Sep-17
Post Anesthetic Care Unit - Discharge Criteria 1188.pdf118824-May-17
Post Anesthetic Care Unit - Standards of Care1189.pdf118924-May-17
Procedural Sedation-Analgesia Guidelines-Pediatric1121.pdf112101-May-09
collapse Category : Q-T ‎(16)
Referral Process for Interprofessional Services-Nursing1010.pdf101025-Mar-15
RN Specialty Practices1104.pdf110401-Jun-17
Safe Sleeping for Infants1103.pdf110328-Jan-15
Smart Pump-Medication and Parenteral Fluid Administration 1054.pdf105401-Feb-17
Stillbirth Guidelines of Care1165.pdf116528-Sep-16
Stump Bandaging and Positioning1116.pdf111628-Jan-15
Subcutaneous Therapy-Intermittent and Continuous1074.pdf107428-Jan-15
Sucrose for Procedural Infant and Pediatric Pain Managment1102.pdf110201-Nov-12
Suctioning  Artificial Airways- Adult - Ventilated and Non-Ventilated1019.pdf101927-Sep-17
Suctioning Pediatric-Neonatal Tracheostomy Patients-Non-Ventilated1051.pdf105130-Nov-14
Suctioning-Pediatric Neonate Patients Ventilated - Conventional and High Frequency - Via Artificial Airways 1056.pdf105601-Mar-17
Suprapubic Catheter - Care of; Changing; Removal1021.pdf102130-Nov-14
Tracheostomy Care-Adult-Pediatric-Neonate1184.pdf118401-Sep-13
Tracheostomy Tubes-Changing-Pediatric1154.pdf115425-Mar-15
Tub Bathing Protocol-Water TempTub Cleaning Procedure 1163.pdf116301-Jun-17
Tuberculin Skin Testing (Mantoux)1178.pdf117830-Mar-11
collapse Category : U-Z ‎(6)
Ventilation -  Acute care of Mechanically Ventilated  patients -  Adult - 1138.pdf113801-Jun-17
Ventilation Assistance-Manual Ventilation Device1027.pdf102730-Sep-14
Ventilation-Chronic -Care of Mechanically Ventilated Adult Persons  1145.pdf114501-Aug-17
Ventricular shunt reservoirs tapping and percutaneous vpuncture peds and neonates1036.pdf103601-Mar-12
Wandering Patient1151.pdf115101-Jun-11
Wound Irrigation and Packing1030.pdf103001-Sep-13

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