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Alvin Buckwold Child Development Program
Family Resources

​To help parents and caregivers better understand what we do – and to know what to expect when you come for your first assessment and appointments–we've made a welcome video (YouTube) for you to watch.

Family Journal

It can be overwhelming and confusing to find your way around the health-care system. The journal can be used to document doctor’s names, family medical information, illnesses, immunizations, admissions, doctor visits, blood work & test results, medications, height & weight, equipment & supplies and school information. You’re encouraged to make the journal your own by adding new sections that relate specifically to the needs of your family. 

A key to the success of the journal is keeping it as up to date as possible. It’s best if you can have your journal with you at all health-related appointments. This will make it easier to communicate with all members of your health-care team by ensuring you have the most current information readily available. We also welcome you to update your journal during appointments.

You can download the Family Journal in MS Word or PDF format. 


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