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Alvin Buckwold Child Development Program
What to Expect

Our intake team, with parental consent, collects and reviews as much information as possible before scheduling an initial assessment. At your first appointment, you’ll be given an easy-to-use Family Journal to take home. This journal will help you keep track of medical information as well as make communication with us and with other health-care professionals simpler. Parents are encouraged to bring their journal to all appointments.

Using a family-centered approach, we work in partnership with you to try to understand the specific needs of your child. After your child’s first visit, they are assessed by one or more team members, and several visits may be needed before your child’s needs are well understood. Written reports summarize the results of each assessment, and these reports are sent to you and other service providers as directed by you. 

We work hard to build a relationship of trust with families so that when you and your child receive services from other agencies, everyone is able to communicate freely and openly. After all, we all have the same goal: seeing your child thrive.

How does therapy work?

We work in partnership with you to best support the development of your child.

As parents, you play a big role in therapy. Together, you and one or more of our team members will develop a treatment plan for your child based on assessments. We’ll meet regularly to talk about how your child is doing, and to work on setting new goals to help them do even better. 

You’re encouraged to ask questions about our assessment results, or about any other aspects of your child’s treatment program. We can collaborate over the telephone, at ABCDP or at other locations in the community – whatever is easiest and most convenient for you.

Treatment services may be offered by one or more members of our teams, or referrals may be made to other service providers in the community. We will schedule follow-up arrangements as necessary, but we also rely on you to contact us for additional services as needed.

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