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Cyber Safety

Facebook, Instagram, Flickr, Twitter, YouTube. These are just a few examples of social media these days. 

Social media has a lot of great uses. However, with its instant access to the social media world you can put something out there and later regret it if you don't stop and think.

Do you know someone who posted something on social media or the internet that they later regretted? Have you? Here are some tips to help prevent that from happening and if it is too late… that post is already out there… some suggestions on how to regain control of the situation and get online support.

For Youth:

​Internet Safety – Canadian Centre for Child Protection

Think Time – Teens and Social Networks (YouTube Video)


11 Facts About Cyber Bullying

Internet Safety Tips

Practical steps to take if a sexual picture or video of you has been shared through social media  

For Parents:

Cyberbullying, bullying, facebook, sexting and cell phone safety

Instagram and your child: what you need to know

Snap Chat facts​​

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