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Healthy Coping

Stress is a reaction that we have to things in our environment (like school, work, pressure to perform, grades, peers, parents – known as stressors). Stress can be good because it keeps us motivated, but too much stress or an inability to cope with it can cause problems. Signs of too much stress (called distress) can include headache, sleeping problems, stomach ache, diarrhea, fast heart beat and rapid breathing. Healthy coping is one of life's most important skills. These websites might be helpful for you:

Learn about what stress looks like for teens and find out how to develop coping skills to handle any challenge that comes your way.

Feeling stressed? Take this teen stress test to find out more about stressors and what might be a normal level of stress for you.

Alberta Health has some great information about what happens to you physically and mentally when you are stressed and has some helpful tips for managing your stress.

Here are more coping skills for teens dealing with stress, and tips on:

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