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Body - Puberty

Puberty is the time in life when a boy or girl becomes sexually mature. It is a process that usually happens between ages 10 and 14 for girls and ages 12 and 16 for boys. 

Puberty causes physical changes, and affects boys and girls in similar and different ways. Both boys and girls may get acne. They also usually have a growth spurt (a rapid increase in height) that lasts for about two or three years. This brings them closer to their adult height, which they reach after puberty.

Some changes people look forward to and others people dread and feel awkward about. Regardless, it is going to happen to you and you will survive it!

Facts about puberty, when things happen on average, age ranges, diagrams, you name it: 

Most common concerns broken down for guys and girls, as well as the basics:

Things you don't always hear about puberty:

Body Odour, Body Hair and Oily Hair: HELP!

Pads, Tampons and Other Period Supplies:

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