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Children's Services
Acute Care Pediatrics - Family and Play Areas

​All our areas in Acute Care Pediatrics are meant to support families being together and provide patients' with a retreat from their hospital room, when it is clinically safe.

Please clean up after yourselves and your family. This will allow the next group to enjoy our areas as much as you did!

Family Lounge

Located near the Observation Unit within Acute Care Pediatrics, this is a space where families can gather away from their hospital room. The lounge has a TV, computers and is joined with the teen lounge. Siblings of a patient using the family lounge must be accompanied by a parent or caregiver. Washrooms in this area are for parents and caregivers staying in hospital with a child or teenager. All other family members and friends can use the public washrooms located outside the unit near the elevators.


Located within the Family Lounge, this has everything you'd expect in a kitchen - including the sink! There is a toaster, microwave, and kettle available for us. You will also find a small table to relax and eat your meal. The refrigerator is available to parents and caregivers to store their meals. Please ensure all your containers are marked with your name, child's room number and date. Unlabeled food will be removed from the fridge.

Teen Lounge

Located next to the Family Lounge, the Teen Lounge has access to computers, TV, and a foosball table. There are a number of comfortable couches to allow your teen to 'hang out' away from their hospital room.


A small laundry area is located just across the hallway from the Family Lounge. This is for parents or caregivers who are staying in hospital with their loved one and require access to laundry facilities to clean their clothes.


The playroom is located down the hallways to the left of the unit's secured front doors. This area has toys, books and other distractions for younger children who are in hospital. Patients and all other children must be supervised at all times.

Jarret Stoll Comfort Zone - 3rd Floor

Located outside the unit's doors next to the elevators, this area allows families and friends to gather in large groups away from the unit. It overlooks the main floor mall of Royal University Hospital and provide a space to gather without being disruptive to the unit and allowing parents and caregivers to stay close by.

Atrium - 5th Floor

Take the public elevators up to 5th floor, and you will find a lush atrium filled with plants and natural light to provide a quiet retreat away from the unit. This area also has a small cafe -  Café on 5th - that serves a lighter meal.

Main Floor Mall - Main Floor

You will find table and chairs located near our Mall Café just off the elevators on the Main level. Walking past Starbucks, in our main floor mall pedway. you will find another area filled with table, chairs and comfortable couches. With fireplaces and natural light, this area will give large groups an area to relax and visit.

Patient and Family Resource Centre - Main Floor

Royal University Hospital has a Patient and Family Resource Centre located at the far end of the mall past Starbucks. The resource centre has computers, reading materials and DVDs along with other information about Saskatoon. The centre is volunteer-operated and is usually open from 9:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m., depending on the availability of volunteers.

Downstairs Café - Ground Floor

Recently renovated, the sitting area of the Downstairs Café provide another place with comfortable chairs and tables, along with TVs, for families and friends to get together.

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