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Children's Services
Acute Care Pediatrics - Staying with your child or teenager

We know children and teenagers need their loved ones nearby. We encourage parents or caregivers to take part in your child's care as much as possible (e.g. bathing, feeding etc.)

We welcome you to stay in hospital. We do ask that you tidy up after yourself in your child or teenager's room, bathroom and kitchen areas. We also promise respectful and open communication and do expect the same in return. We are happy to have you as part of your child or teenager's care team!

Staying overnight

For more information visit the Jim Pattison Children's Hospital website.

Bathroom/Tub for parents or caregivers

If your child is in a single room, you may use the washroom and tub that are in the room. If your child is NOT in a private room, you will not be able to use the washroom and tub. However, we do have a Family Lounge, with a tub, available for use. Please your nurse for directions and more information. We ask that you not use the staff washroom.

Meals for parents or caregivers staying in hospital

You are responsible for buying your own meals. Meals are available in various locations at Royal University Hospital. Visit Food and Nutrition Services to find out where and see weekly menus.

If you wish to bring in meals, you can store them in the family kitchen on the unit. Please clearly label the container's with your name and date. Unlabeled food will be removed from the fridge.

If you are breastfeeding your child, juice and milk are provided. Please ask your nurse where you can find these.

Nurse call system

When you arrive, your nurse will tell you how to use the nurse call or emergency call system - depending on where you are staying on the unit. Remember, they are here to answer your questions and there is no such thing as a "silly" question!

Message Board

Incoming calls for parents will be posted on the message board at the main unit desk. Please check this board frequently. Outgoing calls can be made from the phone in the Family Lounge or by pay phone near the elevators.

Leaving the unit

We have secured unit which requires you to sign in and sign out upon arrival.

You might want to bring your child or teenager away from the unit for a change of scenery or distraction. Before you do so, please check with your nurse and ensure your child or teenager has no tests or medications scheduled and tell them your plans.

Children under 12 may leave the unit only when accompanied by a parent, legal guardian or designate and when it is clinically safe to do so.

Using wheelchairs, strollers, wagons

If your child or teenager needs a wheelchair, the seatbelt must be worn. Restraint jackets must be used in highchairs, strollers, wagons etc. to prevent falls.

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