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Critical Care / Intensive Care Unit (ICU)

​Critically ill patients are often more susceptible to infections.

Because some hospital patients may be treated for various conditions, including infections, it is important that we all help to prevent the spread of germs and promote safety in the hospital. Patients and family are considered part of our team to ensure a safe and healthy environment.

Hand Hygiene - All health-care providers and family must practice good hand cleaning immediately before AND after leaving a patient’s room. Sinks are located at the entrances to all units. Alcohol-based hand sanitizer can be found at patient rooms and in other locations throughout our area. Wash your hands thoroughly with soap and water or rub hands vigorously with the sanitizer. Please remind others, including staff, if you notice that they have forgotten to clean their hands.

Isolation - Occasionally patients may be placed on isolation precautions. Some germs are spread by touching a contaminated item. Others such as the common cold can be spread by coughing or spraying droplets into the air. There are different types of isolation and the nurse at the bedside will tell you the steps that need to be taken before you see your family member.

Restraints - Your loved one may experience periods of agitation or confusion due to their illness or medications. They may try to pull at lines or tubes or attempt to get out of bed. We may need to use restraints in these situations to protect them. Staff will discuss the use of restraints and ask for your consent if necessary.

Environmental cleaning - Each room and all beds and equipment are thoroughly cleaned after each patient use. All patient areas and family rooms are cleaned daily. If you encounter an area requiring some additional attention, please let staff know so it can be attended to.

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