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Critical Care / Intensive Care Unit (ICU)

​Upon arrival

If this is your first time in ICU, please call in to the unit first so that someone can help you.

When patients first come into the unit, information is collected and tests are performed to determine what is wrong. The priority is to take care of them and provide life support.

Care providers may not have answers as soon as you would like. We appreciate that time passes very slowly when you are waiting. Please know that we will do our best to keep you updated.

Families are welcome

We encourage you to spend time with your loved one and we would like to talk to your family about what works best for spending time in the unit.

First Visit - If it is someone’s first visit, they should call prior to coming in. That way we can show them around and explain the area.

Closed Curtains - When personal care or tests are being done, the curtains will be drawn. Please do not enter, but inquire with a nurse if it is okay to come in.

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