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How Do I Get Access to SCM? 

In order to access SCM (Sunrise Clinical Manager - acute care's electronic health record), there are two main things required:

  1. SCM User Account
  2. Device needs to be in the SCM database

​1. SCM User Account

  • An SHR user account is required before we can give you access to SCM
  • Your SCM username & password are the same as your SHR username & password

Don't remember your SHR user account?

  • Call 306-655-8200 and they will be able to reset your password ​

Having difficulty logging on?

  • ​Call 306-655-8200 and be specific as to what you are having trouble logging on to, as the support ticket is assigned to different departments depending on where the issue is. Are you having trouble logging on to:
    • SHR network
    • SCM
    • Other application

Don't have an SHR user account?

  • It requires approval/authorization from Practitioner Affairs, they will assist you with submitting the required forms
  • Contact info: 306-655-0193 or 306-655-0194

Would like to request remote access so you can use your personal devices?

  • IT requires approval/authorization from Practitioner Affairs, they will assist you with submitting the required forms
  • Contact info: 306-655-0193 or 306-655-0194

2. Devices

  • In order to access SCM, the device must be in the database. We have been working closely with IT and believe the majority of devices on the nursing units & other departments are now in the SCM database.

Attempting to access SCM and get an error message that the device is not in the database?

  • Call 306-655-8200 and provide them with the error message and device name (this is typically included in the error message and is the SHR Asset Number). A ticket will be submitted to the eHealth team and the device will be added as soon as possible.

Want to use your personal device to access SCM?

  • IT does not support personal devices. The eHealth team will attempt to assist you in resolving issues you may be experiencing. You will need to call 306-655-8200 and a ticket will be logged.
  • You will not be able to print to an SHR printer from your device
  • Call 306-655-8200 to request your personal device be added to SCM database
  • SCM configuration requires specific formatting of device names. Unfortunately, there is nothing we can do to change this.
    • Required format:
      • ​20 character limit
      • ​There have been issues when the name has apostrophes and spaces, so try to exclude these from your device name
      • ​The name should not be a generic name (i.e. workipad) but more specific (i.e. Loriworkipad)
  • You will access SCM via Citrix:
    • You need to install the Citrix Receiver on your device:
    • Access SHR Citrix by using the URL:
      • ​If the website does not launch, do you have remote access?
      • ​If you are presented with the web page, log in with your SHR username and password
      • ​Launch SCM and log in using your SHR username and password
      • ​If you receive an error that your workstation is not in the database, please make note of the name of your computer (exactly as it is presented in the error), and call the ITS Support Desk at 306-655-8200

Having issues with access or navigating within SCM?

  • ​​Call 306-655-8200 and provide as much detail as possible

3. How Do I Get Training in SCM


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