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Digital Health

Sunrise Clinical Manager (SCM) is a patient-centric electronic health record, used within the acute care setting, that enables more effective communication between authorized health care providers.

Health care providers, with the correct authorization, can access required patient information at any time and from virtually anywhere to provide timely patient care.

What is available in SCM in SHR Today

  • Patient demographic information and visit history
  • Lab Results on specimens collected while in hospital (community-based lab results are found in Provincial Viewer)
  • Medical Imaging Reports
  • Dictated/transcribed documents (are available as soon as they have been transcribed)
  • Documentation that has been completed electronically within SCM. For example:
    • All physician and nursing documentation in the 3 Emergency Departments in Saskatoon
    • Stroke Discharge Summary
    • Pelvic Floor Pathway documentation
    • Various outpatient clinics: Urology Centre and Spine Pathway Clinic are 2 examples
  • A link to Perceptive (scanning application) to view scanned documents
  • A link to eHS Provincial Viewer
  • A link to Forms on Demand application

How Your Information in SCM is Protected

Authorized users are restricted in terms of the information they can access based on their role in the Region. This means that access permissions and other security credentials are set up so users have the information they need to know to perform their jobs.

For example, a Registered Nurse will only have access to the patients they are caring for on their unit; they cannot access patients on other units without providing a reason (this "override" is a mandatory requirement). Audits are routinely performed on electronic health records that have been accessed using the "override" functionality.

Another example, a registration clerk will have access to patient demographic and registration information, but will not have access to clinical documentation or results, whereas a physician will have access to all this information.

Access to SCM is provided through a secure network and authorized users require both an SHR and SCM user account.

Access to SCM is logged and audited. Monthly audits, such as same-name look-ups are reviewed by Privacy and Access Department. Random audits by user and patient are also conducted by the Privacy and Access Department.

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