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Saskatchewan Epilepsy Program
Our Team

The Saskatchewan Epilepsy Program is delivered by a comprehensive care team that includes:


Dr Jose Tellez Zenteno - Adult epileptologist at the Royal University Hospital is the Director of the Epilepsy Program

Dr. Noel Lowry - Pediatric epileptologist at the Royal University Hospital


Dr Venkat Sadanand - Neurosurgeon at the Royal University Hospital is the Surgical Director of the Epilepsy Program.

Dr. Aleksander Vitali - Neurosurgeon at the Royal University Hospital


Dr. Mirna Vrbancic - Clinical Assistant Professor, Neuropsychologist at the Royal University Hospital.

Department of Neurophysiology 

The Department of Clinical Neurophysiology is a valuable and integral component of the epilepsy team, providing many specialized diagnostic services, creating, a bridge between routine testing and the implementation of advanced procedures in the operating room for the people of Saskatchewan. 

The Department operates at the forefront of reducing the impact of epilepsy on patients by quickly making diagnosis that leads to early selection of the best treatment option available.

Diane DashCheryl GeddesDonna GodfreyTheresa Harder
Mike Hughes
Doug Isely
Wes Sutherland
Rosie White

Clinical Nurse Educators

Donna LeeDoris Newmeyer Karen Waterhouse

Administrative Support

Rhonda MarchukTerri PetrowskiJanice Morelli
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