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Falls Prevention
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Forever... in motion - Resources include:

Explaining Epidemiological Factors of Falls to Older Adults - Philips Lifeline Booklet​ Safety Superheroes Program - an intergenerational approach to fall prevention.

Parachute Canada - Preventing Injuries, Saving Lives - Finding Balance Alberta website is dedicated to helping seniors prevent a fall before it happens. This site includes information for seniors on checking your medication, keep active and watching your step. The site is also a rich resource for practitioners with toolkits and algorithms to assess and reduce falls risks for clients. It has a comprehensive section on articles. - the website of the Canadian Fall Prevention Education Collaborative (CFPEC). The CFPEC is a network of healthcare professionals, researchers and policy makers across Canada who have an interest in fall prevention and have completed the Canadian Falls Prevention Curriculum (CFPC). - Safe Sask’s vision is an injury free Saskatchewan where safe lifestyles influence how we live, work and play. - Smart Risk publication released in August 2009: The Economic Burden of Injury in Canada, updates and builds on the original 1998 report. It outlines the enormous costs of both intentional and unintentional injuries and breaking the data down by province as well as nationally. 

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