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Falls Prevention: Tips to Preven Falls
Talk About It! - Fear of Falling

​Facts about fear of falling:

  • Fear of falling can create a vicious cycle that stops you from doing activities that you are able to do. Fear can stop you from living your life with confidence.
  • Half of people who are afraid of falling have not ever had a fall.
  • Fear of falling can lower your quality of life. You stop doing activities you enjoy, going out with friends, and being active.
  • Fear of falling has been shown to actually increase your risk of falls.

What you can do:

  • Be aware of your attitudes and concerns about falling. Talk about your fears with someone you trust. They may be able to help you put your fears into perspective.
  • Tal with your doctor or other health care professional. A social Worker who understands seniors' fears can help you work through the emotions and help you gain your confidence. for example, an Occupational therapist can help you to learn how to get up off of the floor if you fall.
  • Create an Action Plan of what you will do if you fall. This will give you confidence that you will know what to do.
  • Stay Active
    • Participate in activities that promote muscle strength, such as using light weights or resistance bands, and balance such as Yoga or Tai Chi.
  • Learn more about ways you can help yourself to prevent a fall.
    • Vision check for eye disease
    • Medication safety check
    • Foot wear safety
    • Mobility aids, canes, walkers or walking poles can improve your stability.
  • Conduct a Home Safety Checklist to reduce or remove any risks in your living environment.
  • Remember, some fear is healthy; it helps us to be careful.  Too much fear, prevents us from living the life we want to live.
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