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Falls Prevention: Tips to Prevent Falls
Mobility Aids Improve Independence

​Facts on Mobility Aids and Falls:

  • Many older people choose not to use canes, walkers, walking poles even in the face of balance problems or difficulty getting around.  Remember, pride goes before the fall!
  • You may be using the wrong equipment, using equipment improperly, or using equipment that is not safe or not in good working conditions.
  • the right mobility aid for the right person used correctly and in good working order can dramatically improve independence and safety!

What you can do:

  • Talk to your doctor, physical therapist, occupational therapist for recommendations about mobility aids for your use.
  • Get a lesson on how to use and maintain your mobility aid. Your physical therapist or occupational therapist can help you.
  • Ask about funding sources to help you cover the cost of leasing or purchasing equipment if necessary.
  • Make sure your equipment provider is knowledgeable and will assist your to adjust the equipment specifically for you!
  • Take any second hand equipment for a "check-up" to make sure it is right for you and in good working order. not all garage sale deals are good ones.
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