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Falls Prevention: Tips to Prevent Falls
Safety in the Community

​Community Safety Facts:

  • Falls occur in public places, buildings, shopping areas, streets, parks and homes of other people.
  • Sidewalks, curbs, crosswalks, parking lots, entrances to buildings, stairways, getting on or off a bus or getting into and out of your car can have hazards.
  • Falls can occur anywhere we are, if we are not careful and watchful.

What can you do:

  • Be aware of curbs, changing levels and slopes of the sidewalk and at building entrances.
  • Try to use footpaths if possible. Be cautious on rough ground with loose or uneven surfaces.
  • Stick to well lit paths if you can
  • Be aware of cyclists, skate boarders and other fast moving, wheeled people!
  • If you use a walker, look ahead for any obstacles in your path
  • Allow your eyes to adjust to light changes from outdoor to indoor.
  • give yourself time to cross the street; use pedestrian crosswalks when available.
  • Slow down, don't rush, take your time, especially if you are not familiar with your surroundings.
  • Take your time getting onto and off the bus. Ask the bus driver to wait until you are seated before taking off.
  • Contact local government if you see that an area or public building is hazardous. They cannot fix it if they do not know about it.
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