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Germ Smart
Pre K - Grade 6

Handwashing & Germ Lessons

Outsmart Germs Powerpoint

Outsmart Germs Teacher Guide

How-to Wash Lesson (Glo Germ)
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How-to Wash Lesson (Oil & Flax)

Handwashing Books

Handwashing Pledge

Germ Smart Quick Guide​

Other Activities to Reinforce Handwashing

Apple Observation Experiment (Science)

Word Search (ELA)

Fill in the Blanks (ELA)

The Story of BACteria and viRUS  (ELA)

Name That Germ (Health)

All Washed Up! (Math)

Germs Add Up (Math)

The Case of the Sick Students (Math)

Hand Sanitizer Covers (Art)

Build A Germ (Art)

Sink those Germs (Phys Ed)

Germ Tag (Phys Ed)


Contact Us
to order posters​

Other Videos and Online Resources

Sid the Science Kid - Getting a Shot​

Sid the Science Kid - Clean it Up​

Elmo & Rosita - The Right Way to Sneeze​

Practice Staying Healthy on Sesame Street​




Lather, Rinse, Defeat  . . . GERMS!

-video and activities​


Mighty Bubble believes that soap is every kid's superpower against germs and bacteria that can make you sick.  By washing their hands properly, kids can stay healthy and will have more time to play and have fun! ​


Germs Away is an educational program which introduces basic concepts related to the spread of the infectious diseases.  Check out the activity guide and video game!​


Learn about infections, watch videos, take the PDI Challenge, and become a trained PDI Agent.​



Meet the Virus Villians, watch videos, and play games on the Scrub Club.​



Work as detectives on case files, learning how our immune system protects the body from unwanted intruders that can threaten our heath.​



Watch real time cell division without the health risk of growing bacteria in your classroom.​

Handwashing Links

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