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Germ Smart

80% of infectious diseases are spread by hands and contaminated surfaces.​

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A small investment in handwashing can prevent many workplace illnesses, increasing productivity and saving on the cost of sick time.​


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Handwashing can reduce GI illness (vomiting and diarrhea) by 31% and respiratory illness (cold and flu) by 21%. 
(Aiello et al. 2008)​


Handwashing Resources

Soaps and Sanitizers
Environmental Cleaning

Canadian workers miss an average of 7.4 work days due to illness and disability each year, accounting for 3.6% of payroll expense. 
(Stats Canada 2011)​


The Fifth Guy


Toothbrush Prank​


Hey, Wash Your Hands!​





Flu Droplets​


Dr. Clark Rap​

Cells Alive Bacteria Growth​


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