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Public Health Inspection
Environmental Public Health Department

 About the Environmental Health Department

The goal of the Environmental Public Health​​​ Department is to reduce morbidity and mortality due to environmental hazards.

  • The Environmental Public Health team includes Public Health Inspectors, Program Supervisors and Support Staff.
  • Two Public Health Inspectors are headquartered in Humboldt and the rest in Saskatoon.
  • Public Health Inspectors have a mandated regulatory function.
  • Public Health Inspectors enforce the Public Health Act, 1994 and Regulations made under the authority​ of the Act (e.g.: the Food Safety Regulations, the Swimming Pool Regulations, the Plumbing Regulations and the Health Hazard Regulations).
  • Requirements in Public Health Regulations have been put in place to protect the health of the public.
  • Public Health Inspectors ​have also been designated as Tobacco Enforcement Officers, for the purpose of enforcing the Tobacco Control Act.
  • Public Health Inspectors have responsibilities under the Public Health Act, to abate health hazards.  This involves assessing risks and impacts and determining the best intervention.​​
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