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Public Health Inspection
Hot Dog Carts

​Hot Dog Carts

Every spring hot dog carts can be seen on the street corners of Saskatoon.

The following is a brief outline of the requirements to operate a hot dog cart:

  • Each cart must have a base of operation that meets Public Health requirements for sanitation and storage.
  • Carts are limited to:

"the preparation of non potentially hazardous foods and ready to eat potentially hazardous foods, requiring limited preparation (i.e. seasoning, grilling, reheating, assembling finished products, etc.)

Raw meats (e.g. ground beef, chicken port, etc.) or other potentially hazardous foods that are not ready to eat are not permitted on any food cart."

These restrictions and other requirements are necessary to protect the health of the public.

Be sure to check for a licence on or near the cart.  This is your assurance that the cart has been inspected by a Public Health Inspector. 

For additional information on the Provincial requirements for Food Carts/Hot Dog Carts please see the:

Mobile Foodcarts Technical Guideline

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