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Hearing Aid Services

Effective July 1, 2017,  hearing aid sales and services for adults will no longer be provided by health regions. Saskatchewan residents may purchase hearing aids and services from private sector hearing clinics throughout the province. Adults receiving benefits through the Supplemental Health program will now recieve those same services through private clinics. 

A longer wind down period will be implemented for children requiring hearing aid services to ensure any coverage gaps are filled and the private sector is able to meet the needs. 

What hearing health services are still available for children?

Effective July 1, 2017, Saskatoon Health Region’s Hearing Health Services will prioritize the following services: 

  • Early hearing screening services to age 6 (includes universal Newborn Hearing Screening, audiological assessments and evaluation for infants and children that are at risk of hearing loss).
  • Support for children with existing hearing loss to age 17 (including hearing aid fittings, repairs, ear moulds, audiological assessments, counselling and FM systems).
  • Support for children with implantable hearing devices including cochlear implants and bone anchored hearing aids.
  • Support for infants and children to age 18 who are medically complex.

Where else can I access hearing services?

Patients also have the option of accessing private audiology clinics in Saskatoon. Please note that some clinics can only accommodate children of certain ages. The Ministry of Health has a list of private providers and the services they offer. 

For more information or questions regarding hearing services or to request an appointment, please contact Hearing Health Services at 306-655-4170.

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