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Influenza Program
Health Professional Information

2016 Influenza Update for Immunizers

Influenza Update for Non-Public Health Immunizers (PDF)

Influenza Update For Population and Public Health Immunizers (PDF)

Adverse Events Following Immunization Reporting Form

Complete report of Adverse Events Following Immunization (AEFI) within 48 hours of client's account of the event.  Fax completed form to the Immunization Clinician at 306-655-4720.

Influenza Information Booklet 

Access the information send to medical offices regarding this year's influenza program.

Vaccine Ordering

Complete the appropriate Seasonal Influenza Vaccine Request form (links below) and fax to 306-655-4711.  Deadline for initial order was October 5, 2016  Once initial vaccine order is released, requests for additional vaccine can be faxed on Wednesday mornings for pick up the following Monday after 9 am.

Influenza vaccine will be released to your office only if your fridge temperature has remained stable for at least one week.  (see details below)

Vaccine Storage and Handling

Vaccines must be stored and handled correctly.  Vaccine Refrigerator Temperature Logs must be faxed to 306-655-4711 on the first day of each month.  See more details inside the Information booklet about maintaining cold chain as well as packing and transportation.of vaccines.

Notify Public Health immediately about vaccine cold chain breaks at 306-655-4149 or 306-655-4760.  A cold chain break occures if your fridge temperature is outside the 2 and 8 degree centigrade range.  Bag all vaccines affected by the cold chain break and label bag "Do Not Use".  Keep the bag stored in the fridge while awaiting recommendations.  Complete and fax the Vaccine Cold Chain Interruption Incident Report to 306-655-4711

Vaccine Wastage Report  Fax in the first day of each month to 306-655-4711 if you had instances where the vaccine was wasted. (e.g. aspirated blood or client refused after drawn up).

Immunization Forms & Reporting

Reporting of immunizations using vaccines supplied by the Ministry of Health is required until March 31, 2015.  Data collection forms will be provided at the time of vaccine pick up.  Forms should be faxed in each week (see links below),

Long Term Care Reporting

Long Term Care Homes need to report the number of influenza immunizations by December 1, 2014 using the forms below.

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