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The title Nîsohkamâtowak, which means helping each other, was chosen by our colleagues in the Saskatoon Health Region’s Representative Workforce and First Nations and Métis Health departments.

Kidney Health formed a partnership with these two departments in an effort to improve the way care and education are delivered to our Indigenous clients and families. We have also formed an improvement team that includes representation from Saskatoon Health Region's LiveWell Chronic Disease Management program and Employee Wellness program, as well as the Kidney Foundation of Canada.

Helping each other is what this improvement work is all about

The basis of this work is to actively listen in order to understand. This means that our healthcare providers are commited to actively listening and observing while our patients and their families talk rather than have the healthcare system tell patients what their priorities should be. Discussion topics are provided, and a sharing circle format is used so that every participant has an equal opportunity to speak and be heard.

From these discussions, we work together to figure out the best action plan to carry out the priorities that have been suggested.

For more information, please contact:

Tiffany Blair, Manager
Phone: 306-655-5336


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