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KidsFirst Saskatoon

What is KidsFirst?

KidsFirst is a home-based early childhood development program offered to families who would benefit from additional support in areas that have an impact on child health and development and family well-being. The vision of KidsFirst is that all children enjoy a good start in life and are nurtured by caring families and communities. 

What does KidsFirst provide?

Families agree to weekly home visits and are provided support from a team of professionals that includes social workers, nurses, and counsellors. The interdisciplinary team that supports the program uses a strength based approach and is responsive to the realities of the lives of the families involved and provides services in innovative ways that differ from conventional service provision.

Who is eligible for KidsFirst services?

Families must reside in the city of Saskatoon and be either pregnant or have a child under 24 months of age.

To make a referral or to receive more information about the KidsFirst program, please call 306-655-3311.

KidsFirst Regional Community Development

The important work of the KidsFirst Community Developer is supported by the members of the Rural Early Years Coalition. The Rural Early Years Coalition (REYC) is a working group of partners striving to improve the lives of young children and their families in the rural Saskatoon Health Region.

As part of a large network of community developers throughout the province, the KidsFirst Regional Community Developer works with stakeholders and partners to develop strategies that support families with young children. They facilitate planning and collaboration in the area of early childhood development, aligning services, supporting community engagement and mobilization, and identifying and building on community assets.

For more information about KidsFirst Regional Community Development and the Rural Early Years Coalition call 306-655-3311.

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