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What to Expect in the First Few Days of Breastfeeding

Good positioning is the key to preventing sore nipples.

If you baby's latch does not feel right, break the latch by putting your finger into the corner of your baby's mouth.  Try latching again.
• Sleepy babies need to be wakened.Babies need frequent feedings to gain weight.  Wake your baby if she/he sleeps longer than three hours between feeds.
• Your breasts will begin to feel firmer and heavier.If your baby has trouble latching to your breast, you may need to soften the breast by placing a warm towel over it for a few minutes before latching the baby.
• You will hear your baby swallow after a short time of sucking.This tells you that your milk is flowing.  Nurse as long as the baby is swallowing on the first side, then offer the second side.
• Your baby will want to feed eight or more times in 24 hours.Breast milk is easily digested and babies' stomachs are small.
• Your baby's bowel movements will change from very dark green to mustard yellow.The meconium is clearing out of your baby's body.  Breastfed babies have very loose, yellow stools.
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