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Maternal and Newborn Care Unit
When You Arrive

Identification and Security

Infant with ID bandMothers and babies are identified with matching bands upon their arrival to the Maternal and Newborn Care Unit.

Special procedures are in place to protect the safety of your baby. You can help to keep your baby safe by never leaving your baby alone. Only give your baby to someone you know or someone who has proper hospital photo identification. Your nurse can discuss this more with you.

​Report Exchange and Assessments

There will be a lot of activity in your room when you first arrive.

  • Report about your birthing experience will be exchanged between your Birthing Unit Nurse and your Maternal & Newborn Care Unit Nurse. If you are willing, this will be exchanged at the bedside to allow you to be involved in this information sharing.
  • Your Primary Care Nurse will check your vital signs and examine you to ensure that your body has adjusted to the birthing experience appropriately.
  • A nurse will check your baby's vital signs and examine your baby to ensure that your baby is adjusting to the birth experience appropriately. This is when you will find out the length, head, and chest size of your baby (weight is done on the Birthing Unit.)
  • Your Primary Care Nurse will share some important information with you.​


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