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Maternal and Newborn Care Unit
While You Are Here - Support Person

Dad skin to skin with babyTeam Work and your Support Person

We encourage you to have a support person with you during your hospital stay.

One responsible adult is encouraged to stay with you 24 hours a day. This person is called a "support" person, because they are there to assist with your care and the care of your new baby.

Research shows that when mothers, babies and families stay together as much as possible during and following birth, they are more successful in family bonding and breastfeeding. This helps develop confidence in caring for your new baby.

Safety and security does not allow for your other children to spend the night or sleep in your room with you.

Accommodations for your Support Person

A camping style sleeping mat is available in all rooms (except the Victorian) for support persons to sleep on. Your nurse can provide you with sheets. Please bring your own pillows from home as our pillows are often needed to support new moms with breastfeeding. A patterned pillow case is best so that it does not get mistaken for a hospital pillow.

Your nurse will ask you to fold up and store your sleeping mat when it is not in use.

Attire for your Support Person

Please ensure your support person has appropriate sleeping attire. Example: shorts and a T-shirt.

Food and Locations for your Support Person

Meals are not provided for your support person. There are 3 Café locations and a Starbucks coffee shop inside RUH where they can go to get food. Cafés and Coffee Shop directions and hours.

If you or your support person is looking for a vending machine, please ask your nurse for directions to the nearest one.

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