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Maternal Services
Arriving at Hospital - Labour Assessment Unit

​When you arrive at hospital, you will find wheelchairs just inside the main doors of the 1955 building entrance or near the Information Desk when you walk in from the parkade.

Please have your supportive partner get a wheelchair and bring you to the 4th floor of the 1955 Building. If you need assistance, please ask!

Labour Assessment

After arriving at maternal registration on the 4th floor of the 1955 Building, you will be brought to the assessment area. This is where pregnant women are cared for until the doctor or the midwife moves them to the Birthing Unit. If you are being induced, you may be brought to the Antepartum Unit.

Each room in labour assessment has two beds. You can be up and around if you wishes. Your vital signs will be checked and a fetal heart monitor may be applied to check baby’s heartbeat and to look at the contractions. A bedside phone is available at no extra charge. Tubs and showers in the unit for your comfort.

Family Areas

If you are to stay in assessment while your labour progresses, we have a family lounge and kitchen available. Please ask your nurse for more information.

You may go home...

If labour is very early or if it is false labour your doctor or midwife may send you home. Your nurse will give you instructions about when to come back to the unit. For information on the difference between early labour and active labour, click here.
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