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Referral Guidelines

​As the Prenatal Home Care Program is a community based alternative to hospital care, we welcome referrrals for women meeting the following criteria:

  • Be under the care of an obstetrician, family physician or midwife who has admitting privileges at the Royal University Hospital, Maternal Care Unit, where antepartum care is provided. 

  • Reside in or have temporary accomodations within 45 minutes of Saskatoon (we will provide home visits to clients staying in hotels).

  • Is willing to receive community based care from the Prenatal Home Care program. 

  • Multiple pregnancies are accepted when the women meets the guidelines for one of the primary conditions listed.

  • No apparent acute clinical concern for fetal well-being are present.

  • There should be no acute vaginal bleeding, no clots and/or bright red menstrual type flow.

  • It is preferred that women not be working while on program; however, as long as PHC nurses can visit and reach client this can be adapted to individual circumstances.

  • Clients with a condition outside of program guidelines or another high-risk condition will be considered for admission to program. In these cases, the PHC team must be consulted prior to client being discharged from hospital and accepted to program.
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