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What is expected from me as a client in the Prenatal Home Care Program?

​You will be asked to self-monitor specific vital signs, such as your blood pressure, pulse or temperature, and how you are feeling.  You will also record your baby's movements. 

You will be given our own home chart to help you keep track of your symptoms and the hours your are resting. 

Rest is very important during your pregnancy.  Do NOT feel guilty about resting.  The goal is for you to have three 1 hour rest periods per day. Quiet activities around the house are suggested. 

It is important that you not be working while participating in the program so that you can have the time to rest that is needed. 

You must be available for daily home vists or phone assessments from the prenatal home care nurse. 

For clients with high blood pressure, after having your baby you may be asked to continue to monitor your blood pressure.  


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