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Medical Imaging
Cost of Services

Can I get a copy of my imaging studies? What does it cost?

A CD or DVD can be obtained for personal use or for use of another physician outside of Saskatchewan.

The majority of physicans have access to the Provinicial PACS (Picture Archiving Communications Systems) and will be able to obtain access to your images directly without any additional cost to you.  If your doctor has  referred you to another physician out of the province a copy of your images can be provided to them with your permission at no charge to you.

Personal Copies - these can be obtained from any site at a cost of $25.  You will be required to submit the fee and sign a permission form, see link below, before these images are released to you.

General Costs

There is no charge for having an examination/procedure done in the Medical Imaging Department if you have a valid Saskatchewan Health Services Card. 

If you are from out of province but hold a valid provincial health card in your home province the Health Region will charge your insuring province.  If you are from outside of Canada you will be charged upon admission to hospital.

You may incur costs for parking fees if you use the hospitals' parking facilities.

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