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Medical Imaging
Medical Imaging Team

​The Medical Imaging Department is staffed by a variety of healthcare professionals and support staff.


Radiologists are doctors who have specialized in performing and interpreting Medical Imaging procedures. Radiologists have successfully completed their medical training as well as a five year residency program and completed Specialty Canadian National Exams. They may also have completed their Specialty American Registry Exams.


 Residents are doctors who are in training to become radiologists. Their training programs consist of 5 years following medical school. Upon completion of their training program they will complete the Specialty Canadian National Exams and may also complete their Specialty American Registry Exams.

Medical Radiation Technologists

Technologists are trained to perform general x-ray procedures, CT scans and Angiography/Interventional radiography procedures depending on their level of sub-specialty. They assist radiologists and residents in performing specialized x-ray procedures. They have successfully completed a nationally accredited training program and the Canadian Association of Medical Radiation Technologists (CAMRT) Registry Exam in Radiography.

Ultrasound Technologists

Ultrasound Technologists have completed training in performing ultrasound procedures and assist radiologists and residents to perform specialized ultrasound procedures.  They have successfully completed a nationally accredited training program and the Canadian Society of Medical Sonographers Registry Exams in Ultrasound. 

MRI Technologists

MRI Technologists are trained to perform MRI procedures. They have successfully completed a nationally accredited training program and the Canadian Association of Medical Radiation Technologists (CAMRT) Registry Exam in Magnetic Resonance Imaging.

Nuclear Medicine Technologists

 Nuclear Medicine Technologists have been trained to perform Nuclear Medicine procedures.  They have completed a nationally accredited training program and have successfully completed the Canadian Association of Medical Radiation Technologists (CAMRT) Registry Exams in Nuclear Medicine. 


 Nurses may assist Radiologists and residents in performing specialized Medical Imaging procedures.  Nurses are registered with the Saskatchewan Nurses Association and have successfully completed all licensing requirements.

Support Staff

 Support staff may include receptionists, transcriptionists, porters, system administrators.


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