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Parking Services
Royal University Hospital

Royal University Hospital is on the University of Saskatchewan campus in Saskatoon, at 103 Hospital Drive (just off of College Drive, near the top of the University Bridge.

Visitor Parking

  • The primary visitor parking area is the RUH parkade.  Visitors and patients (members of the public) may park on Levels 2, 3, 4 and 5.  Please note that parking spots are more often available on the top two levels of the parkade (4 and 5), however these levels currently do not have elevator access and will require the use of stairs or our parkade courtesy shuttle
  • If you you do not have mobility challenges or do not require the use of a stroller for small children, please consider parking on those levels to free spaces on the lower levels for those that do.
  • Parking stalls for people with disability parking permits, Sasaktoon Cancer Centre permits and new and expecting mothers are located on Levels 2 and 3.  Level 2 is only accessible from Hospital Drive.  Access to Level 3 is either Hospital Drive or Campus Drive.
  • There are also a limited amount of meter parking spots, near the Dubé Centre, in front of Ellis Hall and at the old main entrance (1955 Building).
  • Vehicles over two metres (2 m) in height do not fit in the parkade. We have oversize vehicle parking just to the south of Ellis Hall

RUH Parkade Courtesy Shuttles

During the construction of the new maternal and children's hospital, we have in place shuttle vans to assist patients and families get to where they need to go.

The parkade's courtesy shuttle operates Monday to Fridays (7:30 am to 8:30 pm), and weekends (9:00 am to 5:00 pm) and will pick up/drop off anywhere in parkade on Levels 2 thru 5. Watch for the shuttle when you arrive and wave it down for a ride. OR, you can call 306-514-7577 for pick up. Drivers can take you to/from the new Level 3 hospital entrance within the parkade. They will also bring you to or drop you off to entrances outside the at Old Main Entrance, Dubé Centre or Ellis Hall.

See printable handout below:


Emergency Parking

The drop-off zone for patients who require urgent access is located on Hospital Drive, just prior to the Emergency Entrance, on left hand side. Please watch for signs.

Labouring women have 24/7 access to short-term parking outside the Old Main Entrance (1955 Building). Labour and Delivery is located through this entrance and up to the 4th floor in the 1955 Building.

Oversize vehicles

The vehicle height restriction for the parkade is two metres.  Vehicles over this height do not fit and damage to vehicles from overhead structures is possible.  If you must bring a large vehicle to Royal University Hospital, we have an oversized vehicle parking to the South of Ellis Hall. 

Changes to Parking at Royal University Hospital 

Significant construction is underway at Royal University Hospital for both the new maternal and children's hospital, along with parkade repairs.  Please give yourself additional time to find parking and pay attention to detour signs - spaces are limited and roads/access are periodically changing.

Due to this construction activity, visitors may want to consider alternative means of coming to the hospital, such as taking a taxi or arranging for drop-off and pick-up.

We anticipate this situation will remain until 2019.  See printable handout below:


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