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Specimen Collection Instruction Packages

​24 Hour Urine Collection

Sample Collection Instruction

For proper evaluation of tests on a 24 hour urine sample, it is important that a complete and accurate collection is made.

  1. Empty your bladder when you get up in the morning and discard this urine. (Note the date and time.)
  2. From then on, collect all urine you pass during the day and night by voiding into a clean container and pouring the urine into the collection bottle provided.
  3. Do not void directly into the collection bottle provided by the laboratory. Pour gently if acid has been added to the bottle.
  4. Keep the collected urine refrigerated, if possible, and bring it to the office or laboratory as soon as possible after the 24 hour collection is complete.
  5. Make your final collection when you empty your bladder the next morning at the same hour. (Note the date and time.)

Some medications may interfere with results of this test. Talk to your doctor about the medication you are taking. Your doctor may tell you to stop taking some of your medication. Do not stop taking medications unless your doctor tells you to stop.


If you choose to print this information, it is valid only on date of print.

Laboratory Controlled Document LSM-529 v: 1

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