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Pathology and Laboratory Medicine
Important Information Regarding Patient Testing

fasting for a blood collection

Fasting means you should not have anything to eat or drink for a minimum of 10 hours to a maximum of 14 hours before you go to the laboratory. For more information visit our Fasting Blood Collection Guidelines.​

Pediatric Collections

​ ​We will do everything possible to prevent and treat pain. We use a 4 pronged approach to prevent pain for all patients:
  1. ​Provide education upon arrival
  2. Offer topical lidocaine
  3. Discuss the best comfort position
  4. Use distraction strategies

Inteference with lab testing

The following supplements may interfere with laboratory testing:

  • Biotin - for more information, please read this memo

Collection site for Lactose Tolerances

Patients in Saskatoon who require the lactose testing will be required to have their blood collected at only the Gamma-Dynacare Midtown Medical Clinic. Please call the Midtown Medical Clinical location to book an appointment in advance.

Collection Site for D-Xylose Tolerance

Patients in Saskatoon who require the D-Xylose tolerance testing will be required to have their blood collected at only Royal University Hospital Selective Test Center.

Collection Sites for Special Coagulation Testing

Patients in Saskatoon who require the special coagulation testing listed below will be required to have their blood collected at only one of three collection sites within Saskatoon. No appointment is necessary.

The coagulation tests affected are:

All Factor Assays (F2, F5, F7, F8, F9, F10, F11, F12) and Factor Inhibitor Assays
Low Molecular Weight Heparin levels (i.e. Tinzaparin)
Von Willebrand testing
Protein C and Protein S
Lupus Anticoagulant
Mixing studies (CIRA)
Thrombophilia Investigation (AT3, Protein C and S, Lupus Anticoagulation, Factor 5 Leiden, Protrhrombin 20210A, fasting Homocysteine and Anti-Cardiolipin antibodies)


Locations and contact information for the sites listed above can be found under Specimen Collection Locations.

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