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Specimen Collection Instruction Packages

​Feces Ova and Parasites (Bottle with Clear Fluid)

Sample Collection Instruction

Warning: The liquid in the bottle is POISONOUS and TOXIC. Keep it out of the reach of children. If swallowed by accident, call Poison Control immediately at 1-866-454-1212.

Note: Do not use laxative, enemas or antibiotics for one week prior to collection of feces specimen unless permitted by your doctor.

  1. Place a sheet of plastic wrap over the toilet and pass feces onto the plastic. Feces can also be collected in a chamber pot or clean, plastic container. Do not let urine or water touch the feces specimen.
  2.  Using the paddle attached to the inside of the inner lid of the container, immediately add a small portion of feces to the transport container until the liquid reaches the fill line. Collect small portions from each end and middle of the stool, especially from areas of the feces which contain mucus or blood. Do not remove any fluid from the specimen transport container.
  3. Mix the feces thoroughly with the fluid in the container.
  4. Screw the cap with the attached paddle tightly onto container.
  5. Wash hands with soap and water.
  6. Label container with patient and sample collection information.


If you choose to print this information, it is valid only on date of print.

Laboratory Controlled Document LSM-532 v:1

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