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Specimen Collection Instruction Packages

​Pinworm Collection Paddle

Sample Collection Instruction

Pinworm ova are deposited on the skin near the anal opening.

Note: The specimens must be collected in the morning before bathing or using the toilet. Do not wipe or wash the area before collection.

  1. Remove the lid from the container. Inside the lid a paddle is attached with one side marked 'sticky side'. Do not touch this surface with your fingers.
  2. While holding the lid, separate the buttocks and press the sticky side of the paddle firmly against the skin around and across the anal opening. Do not insert paddle into the rectum.
  3. Replace paddle into the container and secure lid tightly
  4. Label the container
  5. Place the container in a Ziploc bag and reseal
  6. Wash hands thoroughly with soap and water

If you choose to print this information, it is valid only on date of print.

Laboratory Controlled Document LSM-536 v:1

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