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Pathology and Laboratory Medicine
Test Catalogue

​Frozen Sections

Histology - Anatomic Pathology

Specimen Requirements​ ​

  • ​Fresh (no fixative)
  • ​Any clean specimen container
  • Must be a sterile container if studies for microbiology may be anticipated
​Collection Procedure
  • ​Specimen must be fresh (i.e. no fixative), and accompanied by Stat Pathology Consultation Requisition (FORM #102203) completed with the patient’s addressograph, date and time of collection, all relevant clinical information, type of specimen and physician’s signature.
  • Label the specimen container with patient’s first and last name and personal health number (PHN).

  • RUH:
    • Operating room staff phones the lab porter at 221-6376 and informs them that the frozen section is waiting at the front window of the operating room (not the pathology window) for delivery to Histology lab, room 2850, 2nd floor G wing
    • Operating room staff should call 2156 to notify the pathologist that a frozen section is enroute
  • SPH:
    • Operating room staff phones laboratory at 655-5179 or 655-5160 prior to delivery
    • OR staff hand delivers specimen to a technologist/pathologist in the Histology laboratory gross room B.1.1.22
  • SCH:
    • Operating room staff phones laboratory office at 655-8398 prior to delivery
    • OR staff hand delivers specimen directly to a technologist/pathologist in the Histology laboratory gross room 5525
    • After hours (Monday – Friday 0800 – 1630h) contact pathologist-on-call via switchboard
​Grounds for Rejection

Testing Information​ ​

  • ​Monday to Friday (excluding statutory holidays), 0800-1630 h
  • STAT testing available on a call back basis as required. Must be approved by pathologist-on-call.
​Testing Site
  • ​RUH, SCH, SPH
​Specimen Retention
  • ​ Specimen which has been submitted for paraffin processing will be maintained as per CPSS Retention Guidelines (i.e. Specimens from patients 0-17 years retained for 50 years; specimens from patients 18 years and older retained for 20 years)
  • Formalin fixed unprocessed tissue retained for 8 weeks following sign out by a pathologist
​Alternate Test Names
  • Intraoperative Consultation
​Additional Comments
  • ​Specimens for frozen sections must be delivered to the laboratory immediately following removal from the patient, and handed directly to Histology laboratory staff (i.e. technologist/pathologist)

Test Ordering Requirements​ ​

​Forms Required
  • Stat Pathology Consultation Requisition – FORM #102203

Patient History​ ​

​Relevant Clinical History
  • Relevant FNA results
  • Prior history of a malignancy
  • Presence of infections posing risk to personnel performing the frozen sections (i.e. Positive HIV, Hep B, Hep C, TB status)
​Relevant Recent Medication History
  • ​Medications that may be relevant to test results

​If you choose to print this information, it is valid only on date of print.

Laboratory Controlled Document LSM-325 v1

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