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Pathology and Laboratory Medicine
Test Catalogue

​Interferon Gamma Release Assay (IGRA)


Clinical Microbiology

​Ordering Recommendations

​Specimen Requirements​

  • ​Whole Blood
​Collection Procedure
  • QuantiFERON® - TB Gold Plus Collection and Incubation Training Video
  • ​If using a butterfly needle - a "purge" tube should be used to ensure the tubing is filled before using the QuantiFERON TB Gold Plus tubes
  • Collect 1 mL of blood into each tube (note: these tubes draw relatively slowly)
  • Draw order: Grey-top, Green-top, Yellow-top, Purple-top
  • Keep the tube on the needle for 2-3 seconds once the tube appears to be filled to ensure the correct volume is drawn
  • Ensure the blood is at the fill line (black mark) on the side of the tubes
  • Label tubes so that the black mark and the blood level are visible
  • Keep tubes upright after labeling
  • immediately after filling the tubes (using a firm handshake motion), shake the tube ten (10) times to ensure the inner surface of the tube is coated with blood to dissolve the antigens on the inner walls of the tube
  • see stability/storage
​Required Volume
  • Optimal Volume: 1 mL in each tube
    Tubes must be filled to the fill line (black mark) on the tube.
Saskatoon locations:
  • Transport at room temperature within 16 hours to Bacteriology, RUH
  • Ensure tubes remain upright during shipment

Sites outside of Saskatoon:

  • Incubate tubes upright for 16 to 24 hours at 37 ± 1°C
  • After incubation, mark “incubated, date and time” on tubes
  • Do NOT centrifuge tubes
  • Transport at room temperature to Bacteriology, RUH within 72 hours of incubation
  • Ensure tubes remain upright during shipment
Grounds for Rejection​

Testing Information​ ​

Testing Site​
  • Virology Laboratory, RUH
Results Reporting​
​Clinical Interpretation
​Specimen Retention
​Alternate Test Names
  • QuantiFERON®
  • TB Gold
  • QFT
  • QFT4

Test Ordering Requirements​

​Preferred Specimen Collection
​Collection available at: RUH, SCH, SPH, 2nd Avenue Community Clinic, Westside Community Clinic, Prince Albert Community Clinic and Regina General Hospital only.
Forms Required


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Laboratory Controlled Document LSM-818 v3

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