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Pathology and Laboratory Medicine
Product Catalogue

​Rh Immune Globulin

Transfusion Medicine

​Alternate Product Names
  • ​Anti-D
  • RhIg
  • Rhogam
  • WinRho
  • ​Prevention of RhIg sensitization in perinatal Rh Negative women who have not previously been sensitized (unless father and/or baby are conclusively tested to be Rh negative):
    • At approximately 28 weeks gestation
    • Following delivery of an Rh Positive baby
    • Following a trauma, or situation of pregnancy loss (miscarriage or abortion)
    • Following any attempt to take fluid samples from the uterus
  • Transfusion of Rh Positive platelets to an Rh Negative patient (routine if patient under 50 years of age, or undergoing allogeneic bone marrow transplantation at any age)
  • Non-splenectomised Rh Positive Idiopathic Thrombocytopenic Purpura (ITP) patients
​Resource Information

​Product Monographs:

Size/Volume Available
  • 120 ug
  • 300 ug
  • Larger volumes may be ordered (eg. Treatment dose in ITP, massive maternal-fetal hemorrhage). Consultation with Transfusion Medicine is recommended.
​Product Size
​120 mcg
​Yes​Yes​YesContact your site laboratory​ ​
​300 mcg
Pretransfusion Testing Requirements
  • ​ABO Group and Rh Type
  • Antibody Screen 
Forms Required



  • Contact your site laboratory

Physician orders for prenatal patients are accepted on a prescription form as long as correct information is provided (patient first and last name, personal health number, date of birth, product required and physician name)

  • Prenatal requests from physicians’ offices must be accompanied by current pregnancy group and screen report from a licensed testing facility
  • Indicate amount required in micro grams (ug)
  • Routine in obstetrical Rh negative patients, in each of the following:
    • at approximately 28 weeks gestational age of pregnancy
    • within 72 hours of delivery
    • within 72 hours of any potential situation of maternal exposure to fetal blood
  • If administration of RhIg within 72 hours of possible Rh Positive blood exposure has not occurred, it should still be given up to 28 days following exposure to reduce alloimmunization risk.
  • Transfusion Medicine Lab staff may contact nursing staff indicating a patient requires Rh Immune Globulin due to the exposure of the patient receiving Rh positive component or upon completion of post-delivery testing on Rh negative mothers
  • The presence of an identified allo-anti-D due to RhD sensitization will be communicated by Transfusion Medicine Lab to the most responsible physician
  • In order to prevent the formation of Anti-D, WinRho® will be recommended by Transfusion Medicine for Rh negative patients who receive Rh positive tissue. A clinical physician request is required for WinRho® issue.
  • Physician requests for prenatal Rh Immune Globulin:
    • Saskatoon requests can be faxed to Transfusion Medicine - RUH
      • Transfusion Medicine shall fax the request cover sheet back to the physician office to confirm receipt of request
    • Rural requests can be phoned to the laboratory at your location
  • Outpatient pickup within Saskatoon:
    • Patient/designate must present with patient’s health card at the time of pickup
    • Pickup should occur between 0800 and 1630 hours, Monday through Friday excluding stat holidays at Royal University Hospital
    • Product should be picked up from Transfusion Medicine on the same day as the scheduled doctor’s appointment
    • If the product is not being infused on the same day of pickup, product must be stored in the home refrigerator (center shelf, not the door) 
  • Rh Immune Globulin (WinRho®) Information for Patients and Families


​If you choose to print this information, it is valid only on date of print.

Laboratory Controlled Document LSM-66 v6

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