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Pathology and Laboratory Medicine
Cytogenetics and Related Medical Genetics Essentials

​Important Information Before You Order

  • Effective November, 2018, the RUH Division of Medical Genetics will no longer be involved in the approval process for genetic testing for providers in Saskatchewan.  This is now being managed by the Saskatchewan Genetic Resource Centre (GRC) through the Molecular Diagnostics Laboratory at the Roy Romanow Provincial Laboratory (RRPL) in Regina.
  • All requests for genetic testing will be centralized through the GRC and will go through a new review process before testing is sent out to an external laboratory.
  • When sending a patient for a blood draw for a genetic test, an RRPL molecular requisition form will be used for the blood draw at any out-patient test centre in Saskatchewan.  If the test you are ordering is not specifically listed on the requisition form, a “Genetic Test Request” form may need to be completed so that the most appropriate genetic test can be selected for your patient’s specific needs.  The estimated time for test review will be approximately 1 week for non-urgent cases and less than 2-3 business days for urgent cases.
  • After the “Genetic Test Request” form has been reviewed, the appropriate requisition forms for the chosen external genetic testing lab will be emailed to the requesting physician (and/or their team) to complete for prompt sample send-out.
  • All communications with the GRC will be by email at or phone with the lab genetic counsellor at (306)655-6450.
  • Requisitions must be completed in FULL, including the ordering physicians name and clinic contact information. If the requisition has a place for a physician signature, you must sign the requisition. Failure to do so will result in the sample not being sent. Blood will be banked until the proper requisition is completed and sent to the cytogenetics laboratory.
  • Prior to ordering a genetic test, you may wish to review the Pretest Counselling Information with your patient.
  • Ordering physicians are responsible for disclosing and discussing the results of tests they order with their patients. The Medical Genetics Clinic does not disclose results for tests that we have not ordered. We can however see the patient/family afterwards if further genetic counselling and/or family testing is required.
​Roy Romanow Provincial Laboratory
Molecular Diagnostics – Molecular Genetics Requisition (including DNA banking)
​Roy Romanow Provincial Laboratory
Molecular Diagnostics –Genetic Test Request
​Genetic Resource Centre – Roy Romanow Provincial Laboratory
Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Ordering Approvals

Please note: only the sets of physicians below have been approved to order the specified medical genetics testing.

  • For questions regarding collection of blood samples, shipping and handling of samples, please visit the online Lab Services Manual. If you need additional information, please contact the lab genetic counsellor at 306-655-6450 or by email at
  • For more information regarding how to refer your patient to a medical Geneticist and/or a genetic counsellor, please visit here for more information on Medical Genetics, including their services, and available resources.  
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